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C Spire Prepaid

For that "did you say free?" moment.

Join C Spire Prepaid, get a free phone.

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Unlimited Plans

Ranked "Best Value" in the industry

  • Features
  • $25/
  • $40/
  • $55/
  • $65/
  • $75/
  • Add 2GB
    High-Speed Data for $10
  • 6GB
    High-Speed Data
  • 12GB
    High-Speed Data
  • 25GB
    High-Speed Data
  • 50GB
    High-Speed Data
  • Unlimited Basic Data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Mobile Hotspot Included
  • Free Wi-Fi ON App
  • Unlimited International Text
  • Optional Speed Passes
  • Loyalty Rewards

*All plans include taxes and fees. All plans are on 30-day cycles.

Network Management: Service and/or service plans may be changed, slowed, suspended, terminated, and/or restricted based upon usage, location, roaming, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or for any reason in C Spire's sole discretion. Data usage and service quality varies by device, apps, available network speeds, roaming, file sizes and/or as a result of update settings. For full terms governing service see Other restrictions, fees, and taxes may apply. Copyright C Spire 2018.

The C Spire NetworkNow with twice the nationwide LTE
3G Coverage
LTE Coverage
Compatible device required.
C Spire Prepaid has
Many Ways
to Pay!

Why C Spire?

NEW! Pay your bill with ease with Pay by Text.
Plans ranked "Best Value" in the industry.
Free WiFi ON App to help everyone save data.
Voted "Most Exceptional" customer service.
No Contract
No Credit Check
No Activation Fee
No Hassle
Where does C Spire have service?

C Spire offers nationwide voice and data service on our ultra-fast and reliable Max Range LTE network.

Check your coverage here.

How do I add funds to my account?

There are several ways to add funds to your account:

You can add a minimum of $15 to your prepaid account.

*A service fee applies when paying your bill at a C Spire payment kiosk or CheckFreePay and Western Union payment locations.

Prepaid payments are not refundable. Checks are not accepted for prepaid payments.

Do I get charged for data overages?

No. You'll be notified if you use all of the data included in your plan. At that point, you'll be able to buy a data pass if you need more data on our network, or you can simply use Wi-Fi until your plan data resets for the next 30-day period. Learn how to buy a data pass directly from your phone.

Can I use Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can access Wi-Fi networks. Please remember to be careful about submitting personal information over a public Wi-Fi network or unsecured website.

Download the WiFi ON app for instant access to free Wi-Fi in millions of locations worldwide. Free to download, the C Spire WiFi ON app runs in the background and automatically connects you to Wi-Fi when it's available. We built it to help you save data when you're streaming and surfing.

Can I text and call international numbers?

Yes. Text for free to over 140 countries. Unlimited international calling is available for $5/mo. through our international calling app.

It's not necessary to have the international calling app though. Direct calls to Canada are 20¢ per minute and direct calls to all other countries are 50¢ per minute.

Can I manage my account online?

Yes. You can register to manage your account online or through the My C Spire app. Both are fast and easy to use. You'll need your C Spire wireless number to get started. After registering, you'll be able to add funds, upgrade your device, change your plan, add new lines, and more.

Will I get a paper bill?

No. There's no need for a paper bill since your monthly charge doesn't change and, by signing up for AutoPay, you'll never have to worry about paying your bill either.

Can I pay my bill without having an online account?

Yes. There are several additional ways to pay your bill:

You can add a minimum of $15 to your prepaid account.

*A service fee applies when paying your bill at a C Spire payment kiosk or CheckFreePay and Western Union payment locations.

Please note that checks are not accepted at C Spire in-store payment kiosks.

Can I set up automatic payments for my bill?

Yes. Sign in to your online account or the My C Spire app to use our AutoPay service. You'll be able to set up automatic payments with a credit card (AmEx, Visa or MasterCard). Learn more about AutoPay.


Free phone: Limited time offer. Offer has no cash value and are non-transferable. Offer requires activation of qualified prepaid monthly plans. Galaxy J3 or Moto E4 free after $50 mail in rebate. All Prepaid Plans include unlimited talk, text and picture messaging, and Top Up Passes are available for purchase of additional data. All Prepaid plan service charges, credits and payments are not refundable and are not transferrable. Customers must reside in the C Spire Network service area and be 18 years of age to activate service in FL, MS, and TN, and 19 years of age to activate service in AL. Your prepaid service fee includes applicable federal, state, and local taxes and other assessments that C Spire is required by law to collect and remit to the applicable government authority. Certain fees are retained by C Spire. See and Customer Service Agreement for details and terms and conditions of service. © 2017 C Spire. All rights reserved.