out with the old, save on the new

Getting a better device? Get a better deal with trade-in.

You don’t even have to step foot in a store. Just order online and send us your old device once you get the new one. Our easy-to-follow guides can walk you through transferring photos, contacts and more.

read up before trading in.

Check your old device for the following things.

It has to work. Make sure it powers on, unlocks and goes to the home screen.

No cracks, screen dead spots or broken glass, front or back.

No liquid damage or corrosion.

No modifications or disassembled pieces.

take these steps before sending us your trade-in.


Back up your photos, contacts, etc.
Not required, but definitely a smart move.


Make sure your device meets the trade-in criteria.
iPhone/iPad owners, read the section below.


Send your trade-in to us using the envelope we provide with your new device shipment.
Send within 10 days of getting your new device. If you didn’t get a trade-in credit when you ordered, we’ll apply it to your bill within 45 days receiving your trade.

for iPhone and iPad owners.

Before sending your trade-in, make sure you do the following.

You need to complete both steps to get trade-in credit.


Remove your passcode lock.

Go to Settings, tap Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID & Passcode, and tap Turn Passcode Off.

Delete iCloud and turn off the Find My app.

Go to Settings and tap your name, tap Sign Out, type in your Apple ID password, tap Turn Off, tap Sign Out and tap Sign Out again to confirm.

see trade-in values.