Adult Content Filter
Block Restricted Websites

Control the online content accessed through mobile devices on your account. By adding the free Adult Content Filter, you will block access to adult content websites. This filter can be added to any C Spire device.

Turn on the Adult Content Filter

Text BLOCK to 7372 to add the Adult Content Filter. When this is done by the account holder, all mobiles will receive the Adult Content Filter. For all other users, this will add the feature to your mobile number only.

You can also sign in here and select which mobile numbers will receive the Adult Content Filter feature. Any changes made to this feature take 24 hours to become effective.

Please note that adult content will be filtered only while using the C Spire Network for data access. When using Wi-Fi, devices with the Adult Content Filter will be subject to the filters on the Wi-Fi network.

Turn off the Adult Content Filter

1. From this page, sign into your account.
2. Uncheck the mobile number(s) that should no longer have the Adult Content Filter.
3. Click Submit.
4. Click Save Features.
5. After receiving the confirmation message, turn affected devices off and then back on to ensure the latest settings have downloaded.

Please note that only the account holder can make this change and it can take up to 24 hours to become effective.