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Wi-Fi Calling for iOS

So you're never out of touch, we built a new way to make and receive calls with Wi-Fi. And it's FREE.

C Spire 25Gb Plan

From the middle of nowhere.

It's a great solution if your home or office has Internet but can't be reached by strong cellular signals.

C Spire 25Gb Plan

No app required. Setup is a cinch.

We'll have you set up in just a few moments.

Questions? Check out our FAQs.

We answer questions about costs (there are none), setup, security, and how it works while travelling abroad.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling allows customers to make and receive calls and texts (SMS & MMS) over a Wi-Fi (wireless internet) connection. Using Wi-Fi Calling is easy – customers won’t even know they’re making a
Wi-Fi call. Can any phone use Wi-Fi Calling? Any Apple iPhone 5C or newer is capable of using C Spire’s Wi-Fi calling.

What are the unique benefits of Wi-Fi calling?

Does Wi-Fi Calling go against a customer’s included minutes if they don’t have an unlimited calling plan?

How do I set up Wi-Fi Calling?

Do I have to log into a Wi-Fi network to connect?

How do I log in to a Wi-Fi network on my device?

Once I activate Wi-Fi Calling, will my phone always use Wi-Fi for voice calls if I'm on a Wi-Fi network?

Are Wi-Fi calls comparable in quality to regular cellular calls?

Are there any technical requirements for Wi-Fi calling?

Will it work in Airplane Mode?

Can I receive picture and video messages as well as text?

What happens if I’m on a Wi-Fi call but go out of range of the Wi-Fi signal?

What happens if I am traveling internationally and need to call 911?