About C Spire

Special Programs

C Spire has paid more than $436 million in wages, salaries and benefits to its workforce and $198 million to vendors and contractors since 2003, resulting in a $1 billion incremental positive economic impact on local, state and regional economies in the U.S. When coupled with $298 million in sales, use and property tax payments and state and federal communications and 911 surcharges paid since 2006, the overall incremental positive economic impact to the public and private sector grows to nearly $1.5 billion.


As a company focused on and committed to the customer, C Spire also is dedicated to investing in the markets we serve by supporting educational initiatives through the C Spire Foundation, scholarship and endowment funding, corporate contributions and more. C Spire has donated nearly $30 million since 2003 to various educational programs, scholarships, community services and other non-profit social, health and human services programs.