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C Spire Adds Wireless Capacity to School Campuses Across Mississippi


Ridgeland, Miss., (June 2, 2022) – C Spire has installed small cells near Mississippi schools experiencing high data usage on-campus. To-date, C Spire has proactively deployed around 19 small cells near schools with plans to install up to 50 by the end of 2022. These deployments assist with giving customers a better experience while using the network.

“Students, teachers and parents need the ability to use the wireless network during on-campus events. We’ve really ramped up adding small cells and enhancements near schools because so many of our customers are impacted positively with these changes,” says Alan Jones, Chief Network Officer for C Spire. Additionally, our customers use more data around schools because there are no other alternatives while on-campus.”

Small cells are wireless transmitters and receivers that provide additional network coverage to select areas. These enhance the schools’ speeds, coverage and bandwidth.

“Our wireless network, as well as how our customers use it, is always evolving,” says Jones. “Our customers’ needs change, and it is important for us to make sure we improve our network for them.”

With schools becoming more technologically savvy each year, C Spire's macro and small cell deployments near campuses are vital. Students and teachers are using personal connected devices as well as provided tablets, while parents in car lines and spectators at campus sporting events are also hitting the network, which can cause tremendous data usage spikes. Fortunately, C Spire has a process in place that allows usage data to be reviewed quickly, so small cells can be deployed as usage needs increase.

“We constantly look at data from our network, as well as other sources, to see how we can make adjustments or where we may need additional coverage or capacity to complement what we have today,” Jones said.

For more information regarding C Spire’s small cells deployments, read here.

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