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C Spire Adds Hoover to its Fiber Network as Part of a $500 Million Investment


Over three years, C Spire is laying the infrastructure of the future across the state

BIRMINGHAM, ALA., (April 21, 2022) – C Spire, a diversified telecommunications and technology services company, is rapidly expanding its 17,000 miles of fiber infrastructure to bring residents and businesses of central Alabama Gigabit-speed broadband internet access.

The company’s broadband division has begun work in Hoover and Homewood, in addition to its ongoing work in Pelham and Helena, while residents in Trussville, Jasper, Tuscaloosa and Northport are already enjoying Gigabit speeds from C Spire. In addition, C Spire is building and servicing customers throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties, and recently acquired Troy Cablevision in southern Alabama.

“Today, less than 30 percent of homes in Alabama have access to fiber, yet broadband internet powered by fiber optics is recognized as an indicator of growth and opportunity,” says Ben Moncrief, executive vice president for Alabama markets at C Spire. “Getting fiber in the ground across Alabama is a high priority at C Spire, and we are investing $500 million over three years to get it done right.”

Max Snyder, business development director at Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority, says the expansion of high-speed C Spire Fiber is strengthening their ability to offer high-quality services to the business community and keep residents connected and competitive in an increasingly interconnected world.

“Increased availability of high-speed fiber in Tuscaloosa County will be a major catalyst for economic growth and development,” says Snyder. “Increased speeds and connectivity are important as we work to build a technology driven economy.”

In Trussville, the eighth-fastest-growing city in Alabama, efforts to solidify its strength as a world-class community has led city leaders to commit to supporting the construction of the internet of the future—built on incredibly fast and resilient fiber optics—to serve its 26,000 residents.

Trussville mayor Buddy Choat points to the Trussville 2040 Plan, which “relies on fiber-optic connectivity to anticipate and respond to our city's evolving needs,” he says. The city’s 20-year blueprint calls for “a competitive and diverse economy” built on smart infrastructure that will create a “smart city with a knowledge-based and self-sustaining economy.”

C Spire Fiber is the ideal infrastructure for achieving 21st century goals. Residents and businesses can experience symmetrical internet, meaning information is downloaded and uploaded at the same rates, with low latency and high bandwidth that enables entire households and businesses to operate on a single fiber connection without experiencing lag time.

Protecting that investment is important to ensuring our 99.99 percent reliability. While some internet providers string their copper or fiber lines along exposed utility poles, C Spire buries its fiber underground to protect it from weather and accidents. Because when a utility pole upstream from a home is damaged, that outage causes a major problem downstream for all the homes being serviced.

Across its Alabama markets, C Spire is using a crowd-sourcing business model that allows residents to direct the company to the most urgent demand. Once a neighborhood reaches the company’s threshold, C Spire contractors put boots on the ground and begin undergirding the area with fiber-optic infrastructure.

As C Spire continues to expand, Moncrief says the company is always looking to work with communities whose citizens and leaders are engaged in creating a positive, shared future.

“We’re constantly asked about public-private partnerships to bring fiber to new communities, and the truth is we’re open to all options,” says Moncrief. “We go to the places where our services are demanded, whether by leadership, the citizens or both.

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