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C Spire Debuts Unlimited Plan With 4 Lines for $25 Each a Month


Only provider to offer best unlimited plan available on #1 network with best-in-class customer experience

Ridgeland, Miss., (February 9, 2018) – C Spire today unveiled a new $25 a month unlimited wireless plan with four lines aimed at consumers searching for mobile providers who offer superior network features and best-in-class customer service.

The new plan is being rolled out as the latest field drive tests show C Spire’s network has the best mobile signal quality in the region. The tests show that the company consistently beats all competitors in the important customer experience network metric.

Consumers who are switching providers consistently choose C Spire for its best-in-class customer service and readers of the region’s leading business publication recently selected the company as the best mobile communications provider. The company consistently scores among the highest with its Net Promoter Score, which measures positive and negative sentiment to determine customers’ likelihood to recommend a provider.

“When you combine the best unlimited plan available with a network that is No. 1 in signal quality and a customer experience that beats the competition hands down, consumers should have no doubt that C Spire is the best company to do business with in the wireless industry,” said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of Consumer Markets.

“The plan reinforces our commitment to provide the highest levels of value to our customers by layering in unheard of unlimited pricing on a premium network with best-in-class service. The plan is also designed to ease the transition of our customers to device payment plans that are now standard in the industry. The low price point makes it easier for customers to upgrade their phones,” Hayes said. “This is an example of how keeping our customers at the forefront of everything we do is part of our DNA at C Spire.”

The new features mean that a family of four, using autopay, paperless billing and purchasing devices on device plans, can get four lines for just $100 a month with unlimited data1, talk and texting. The first line costs $60 a month, the second and third lines are $15 a month and the fourth line is $10 a month with purchase of a phone on a device plan. After two years, customers can opt to add an unlimited feature for $10 per phone each month or do nothing and receive 10 GB of high speed data a month per line that drops to 2G speeds after reaching the data threshold.

Limitations, restrictions and eligibility requirements may apply. For more information on the device payment plan, autopay and paperless billing options for the new unlimited plan, visit a C Spire retail store, go online at or call Customer Telesales at 1.855.CSPIRE4.

1 After 25GB of data usage, C Spire may slow data speeds to protect its network and other users’ experience. That amount is roughly enough data for any of the following: 1,250 hours of browsing, 6,000 music tracks, 160 hours of streaming music, 80 hours of Skype, 200 app downloads, 25 standard definition movie downloads and 10,000 emails.

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