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C Spire set to introduce new unlimited plan with a unique twist


Cash back on your bill feature is next installment of Customer Inspired 2.0

Add a family of four for $44 a line with unlimited data, talk, text, HD video streaming and mobile hotspot

Ridgeland, Miss., (February 17, 2017) – C Spire will soon launch an unlimited plan that gives customers cash back on their wireless bill when they use less data as part of a continuing effort to make the firm the easiest company to do business with in the industry.

Under the plan to debut Monday, unlimited users can qualify for a $10 bill credit when they use less than 2GB of data per month. For a family of four, the bill credit savings alone are on top of C Spire's already heavily discounted price of $42.50 per line. No cash back is available on the fourth line since it is free. The first line costs $70 a month while the second and third lines are $50 a month each. Each line includes unlimited data, talk and text, HD video streaming and mobile hotspot. After 25 gigabytes (GB) of data usage, C Spire may slow data speeds to protect its network and other users' experience.

The plan emphasizes three customer-friendly elements, according to Suzy Hays, senior vice president of Consumer Marketing for C Spire. "Eliminate the complexity of the typical suite of plans and price points by layering in multi-line discounts, build on the value of the worry-free nature of unlimited that customers desire and give users who don't consume as much data in some months an unlimited plan that flexes with their data usage so they aren't overpaying," Hays said. "The end idea is simple – if you use less, you should pay less."

To make the experience easier, C Spire is offering Unlimited with cash back on your bill for new lines on Device Payment Plan (DPP), for upgrades or for devices purchased separately without a contract. This makes the experience of signing up or getting a new phone simple for customers and those who switching to C Spire.

The latest customer-focused unlimited plan with cash back is an outgrowth of Customer Inspired 2.0, C Spire's comprehensive customer experience and relationship management initiative aimed at helping the company deliver on its promise to provide world-class products, services and programs that are focused on simplicity and ease and designed around customer needs and desires to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Hays said C Spire also is focused on continuous improvement of its network coverage and quality with extension of its Max Range LTE technology, which expands coverage by 80 percent in every direction, including hard to reach places inside buildings, offices and homes, and expansion of its WiFi On app, which automatically connects to WiFi where available while now also aiding users in reducing their data costs through the new cashback plan.

"We're making tremendous progress in our efforts to make C Spire easier to do business with," Hays said, noting that the company plans to continue to regularly introduce new enhancements of Customer Inspired 2.0.

Limitations, restrictions and eligibility requirements may apply. For more information on the new unlimited plan with cash back, visit a C Spire retail store, go online at or call Customer Telesales at 1.855.CSPIRE4. To learn more about the Customer Inspired 2.0 initiative, go to

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