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C Spire Wireless launches 4G LTE mobile broadband service in Batesville, Mississippi


Wireless Provider Activates Its Next-Generation Wireless Voice and Data Network Delivering Speeds Up to 10 Times Faster Than Currently Available

Batesville, Miss. (August 16, 2013) – C Spire Wireless launched the next generation of mobile broadband in Batesville today with the activation of its 4G (Fourth Generation) Long Term Evolution (LTE) service offering consumers and businesses faster data speeds and advanced capabilities on its network.

The company’s 4G LTE launch in the Panola County town means customers can now enjoy the fastest wireless experience available to download apps and game faster, open files almost instantly, do real-time video chat, surf the mobile web and stream movies, music and video at speeds up to 10 times faster than before.

“We’re pleased that local businesses and consumers in Batesville now have ready access to the next generation of mobile broadband services,” said John Hopkins, regional manager of retail services for C Spire Wireless. “This technology will improve opportunities for taking care of business on-the-go and carrying out numerous mobile tasks at a pace that’s significantly faster than consumers have ever experienced before on a wireless network.”

C Spire Has Rolled Out 4G LTE Services in 42 Mississippi Markets Since September 2012

Batesville is one of 42 Mississippi markets that have received C Spire’s advanced 4G LTE services since September 2012. All of the markets with 4G LTE service are part of a multi-million dollar investment to bring the next generation of high-speed technology to customers.

The company plans to continue to introduce the services in 71 cities and 51 counties this year covering a population of 496,000 across the state. When the latest phase is completed in November, 4G LTE service will be available to six out of every 10 consumers and businesses in Mississippi.

“We’re proud of our launch of 4G LTE services in Batesville, but we’re even more excited about continuing to contribute to the economic development of this region,” Hopkins said, noting that the company has invested millions of dollars to expand its network and give Batesville and Panola County businesses and consumers the best personalized wireless experience available.

Batesville Mayor Jerry Autrey lauded C Spire for its decision to invest in the region. “Introduction of C Spire’s 4G LTE mobile broadband services is good news for the city of Batesville and Panola County. We appreciate the company's decision to make us one of the first communities in 2013 to receive this exciting service," Autrey said. "This announcement reinforces C Spire’s commitment to providing our residents and businesses with access to the latest wireless technology.”

Local business leaders echoed Mayor Autrey’s praise of the wireless provider’s decision to select Batesville as one of the first markets to receive 4G LTE mobile broadband services in 2013. “C Spire’s efforts to expand its 4G LTE services in Batesville will greatly benefit the businesses and residents in the region,” said Sonny Simmons, CEO of the Panola Partnership. “Continued provision of advanced high-speed wireless data and the services and applications it supports are increasingly important to both business and consumers. We appreciate the work C Spire is doing to extend the benefits of expanded broadband access to businesses that rely heavily on wireless technology for growth.”

4G LTE Devices, Solutions and Plans

C Spire customers can choose from several 4G LTE smartphone and connected devices to experience on the company’s fast 4G LTE network. Devices include the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and III, the Motorola PHOTON Q, the Franklin Wireless 2-in-1 smart USB modem and mobile hotspot and a C Spire branded mobile hotspot. All of the devices are available in company retail stores or online at

Customers also can choose from shared and new unlimited plan options that offer price and service options that can be personalized so they can relax and use their device the way they want without worry or anxiety about bill shock or overages. With prices ranging from $50 to $100 a month, users can select the unlimited voice and data elements that uniquely fit how they use their device. Second lines are also available for each plan for only $50 a month.

C Spire products and services get even better and faster with 4G LTE network

The company powers its fast 3G and 4G LTE networks with extensive optical fiber infrastructure, offers plans with the industry’s best unlimited and shared elements, products and services with key customer-inspired features, the industry’s only comprehensive customer rewards program and world-class customer service and support.

“4G LTE is the next generation of high-speed mobile broadband services from C Spire that allow you to experience our network, our products and services and our passionate focus on superior customer care faster than ever before,” Hopkins said. “Basically with 4G LTE, everything you love about our network and your favorite ways to use your smartphone are even faster now.”

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