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C Spire Wireless launches first of its kind unlimited plans that combine the benefit of flat rate pricing with the flexibility of paying only for what you need


$50 unlimited talk and text, $80 unlimited lite and $100 unlimited plans are now available with a second line for only $50 – offering plan and feature personalization that fits individual needs

Ridgeland, Miss. (June 6, 2013) – C Spire Wireless, the only U.S. wireless provider that offers personalized services, unveiled a suite of unlimited plan options today that give customers even more opportunities to personalize their plans based on how they use their phones.

The three unlimited plans, with prices starting at $50 a month, give users the ability to select the unlimited voice and data elements that uniquely fit how they use their device. Consumers also can add a second line to each plan for only $50, making them superior to all other industry plans.

Unlimited plans made for you: Now that’s personal

  • C Spire’s $80 Unlimited Lite plan offers unlimited talk, text and picture message, web and online music and 30 minutes of online video. The Unlimited Lite plan, with an additional line for just $50, is by far the best value in wireless compared to competitor plans, at an average monthly cost of just $65 for two lines. Customers have the option to easily add online video passes starting at $5 whenever they want them right from their phone.
  • The $100 Unlimited plan does what it says: offers consumers unlimited talk, text, picture messaging, web and online music and video. With a second line for just $50, consumers get everything they want for an average price of just $75, with no overages or surprise charges.
  • Finally, the Unlimited Talk & Text plan for just $50 offers customers unlimited talk and text messaging with the option of adding data passes based on each users individual data usage needs.

All three of C Spire’s unlimited plans provide customers price and service options that can be personalized so they can relax and use their devices the way they want without worry or anxiety about bill shock or overages.

“As part of our long-standing commitment to keep the customer in control of their wireless experience and to offer competitive, no overage plans, our unlimited plans offer simple and easy ways for users to get exactly what they need without having to worry about surprise bills,” said Kevin Hankins, COO for C Spire Wireless. “With personalized wireless services built around customers’ individual needs, an advanced 4G LTE network, the latest smartphones and our unlimited plans, we’ve got the formula for creating the best wireless experience in the industry along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing what your bill will be each month.”

Hankins said introduction of the latest plans is part of C Spire’s continuing industry leadership, noting the company was the first to introduce unlimited options nearly a decade before other providers. We’ve always believed that customers shouldn’t have to think twice about using their phones. This evolution of unlimited offers the additional benefit of paying just for the unlimited features that fit how each customer uses their phone,” Hankins said.

“Relax, it’s unlimited” plan choices

C Spire’s Unlimited Lite plan with unlimited talk, text and picture messaging, web and online music and 30 minutes of online video is unique in the U.S. wireless industry and delivers better value and personalized choices than other unlimited plans on the market from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Earlier this year, C Spire launched data share plans, which allow customers to share a single data allowance on up to 10 devices without costly fees to monitor data usage and avoid overages. Customers, though, continue to choose unlimited options most of the time – a trend that is likely to gain momentum with the addition of the $50 second line on the three popular unlimited plans.

About C Spire Wireless

C Spire Wireless is a diversified wireless communications company passionately committed to helping customers by personalizing wireless services designed just for them. The company is the first wireless provider in the U.S. to personalize customers’ experience by offering apps that fit who they are, services that anticipate their needs, and rewards for using their phone in new ways – all with seamless ease and at amazingly fast speeds. This news release and other announcements are available at For more information about C Spire Wireless and its products and services, visit or follow us on Facebook at or Twitter at or Google + or