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New C Spire Wireless Cell Site Helps Stone County Consumers and Businesses Experience Improved Network Coverage and Mobile Broadband Service


Expansion Offers Faster Internet Connections, New and Improved High-Speed Data Services and Access to Multimedia Applications for Consumers and Businesses

Ridgeland, Miss. (February 4, 2013) – Calling, downloading apps and surfing the mobile web on the C Spire Wireless personalized network just got easier and faster for consumers and businesses in portions of Stone County - thanks to activation of a new cell site near the town of Wiggins.

The site improves wireless coverage and capacity along Highway 26 between Wiggins and Benndale in nearby George County and south along Highway 15. With the improved coverage, capacity expansion and expanded availability of 3G service in the area, consumers and businesses in the enhanced area should experience faster uploads and downloads and gain access to new and expanded voice and mobile high-speed data services, including mobile video telephony, high-quality music and other multimedia applications, according to David Smith, vice president of Network Engineering for C Spire Wireless.

“Wireless devices are only as good as the network on which they work, which is why we’re aggressively expanding our advanced mobile broadband coverage,” Smith said. “We want consumers and businesses to have the best possible wireless experience, whether they’re making a phone call, sending a text message, sharing videos and photos, checking the latest scores or making their business mobile.”

Local government officials praised C Spire for the decision to expand its network and invest in the economic future of Stone County.

“Fast, ubiquitous and reliable wireless coverage is not just a quality of life issue, it’s an economic development issue,” said Scott Strickland, president of the Stone County Board of Supervisors. “Businesses want to locate and grow in communities where they know they can stay connected with their customers, which is why continued investment by C Spire is so critical to our success.”

Strickland said construction and activation of the latest cell site by C Spire reinforces the importance of a robust wireless telecommunications infrastructure. “C Spire’s investment in Stone County is great news,” he said. “Infrastructure improvements like this are critical ingredients in our efforts to create new jobs and expand our local and regional economy and tourism.”

With the latest cell site addition, C Spire has invested more than $1 million to expand its network and give Stone County businesses and consumers the best personalized wireless experience available.

C Spire has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the U.S. wireless industry and Smith said the network upgrade is part of the company’s ongoing investment to keep improving and strengthening the nation’s only personalized wireless network.

“Our network has long had the reputation as being the one you can count on,” Smith said. “With smartphones, tablets and other mobile communications devices driving unprecedented demand for wireless access everywhere, we’re continuing to invest and expand our network to meet those needs and ensure an advanced broadband experience for everyone.”

Expanded mobile broadband coverage enables consumers and businesses using smartphones, tablets and other mobile communications devices to:

  • Download and use apps, ranging from social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter to GPS-enabled Google maps
  • Rapidly browse the mobile web to access news, sports, stock quotes, entertainment news and other information
  • Work remotely with file sharing
  • Download and play music from a variety of genres
  • Send and receive emails to friends, family and co-workers with picture and video attachments
  • Download and play games
  • Stream video and customized radio stations like Pandora and Slacker Radio

“Our network is built for data,” Smith said. The company intends to continue to aggressively invest in its wireless network to increase coverage, capacity and speed, he added.

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