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C Spire Wireless Sends A Special Holiday Gift Of Appreciation And Brings Its Personalized TV Commercial To Life


Wireless Provider’s Customers and Others Enrolled in its Popular PERCS Rewards Program Receive a Special Text Message that Contains a Holiday Gift of 100 PERC Reward Points

Ridgeland, Miss. (November 30, 2012) – C Spire Wireless, the only U.S. wireless provider that offers consumers a suite of personalized services, is reprising one of its most popular customer engagement and personalization initiatives this year just in time for the holiday season.

The company is sending customers and consumers enrolled in its popular PERCS rewards program a special, personalized gift that they can use in any way they’d like – just to say thank you and happy holidays.

C Spire customers will receive a text message containing a special holiday gift of 100 PERC points each, which they can use however they want – offering them a unique experience of choice and personalization available only with C Spire Wireless.

The message, which contains the link to the PERC point gift, is being sent to C Spire customers beginning this week, regardless of whether they are currently members of the company’s rewards program, and will continue until every individual receives their special C Spire holiday message.

The gift is tied to the story line of a popular C Spire holiday television commercial that first aired last December in markets across the company’s service area. Viewers of the commercial will notice a man receiving a personalized text message over the C Spire personalized network, which includes a gift. The company is making the commercial a reality for customers by sending them a personalized holiday greeting with the link to the 100 PERC reward points.

“In the spirit of the season and to show our appreciation for our customers, we’re once again offering them a gift and the opportunity to experience the benefits of personalized rewards through our PERCS rewards program,” said Suzy Hays, senior vice president for Brand Management and Personalization. “With hundreds of thousands of wireless users already joining our industry-first PERCS rewards program and earning more than 133 million points, PERCS is allowing both customers and prospective customers to access a variety of rewards for their loyalty and just by using their phones in new ways.”

With the introduction of PERCS in September 2011, C Spire became the first wireless provider in the nation to offer a consumer engagement program that rewards customers for personalizing their wireless experience. Users can earn PERC reward points by simply interacting with the company and doing things like sharing their views on the company’s community social forum, being a loyal customer, paying their bill online or downloading the SCOUT personalized recommendation tool on their way to personalizing their wireless experience.

Since its inception, C Spire customers have taken full advantage of PERCS’ benefits, with over 430,000 members, including more than 50,000 non-customers. PERCS members can move up in status and receive more valuable rewards by earning more points or for being loyal customers. C Spire customers for five years automatically qualify for Premier Status PERCS and those with 10 years or more qualify for Elite Status PERCS – the top two status tiers in the company’s rewards program.

C Spire continues to grow its offerings by allowing quick access to all kinds of rewards, including device and accessory discounts, easier upgrades, exclusive deals and more. To date, customers have redeemed their Status PERC points for more than 250,000 rewards and the company recently added enhancements that give members the capability to redeem reward points for Amazon gift cards.

C Spire’s PERCS program is working because customers, other wireless users and industry experts are all talking about it. “All loyalty programs offer some form of reward, but many don’t fully connect with members. C Spire’s PERCS program sets a new industry standard. C Spire’s program is transparent, engaging and makes a better customer experience and service part of the value proposition,” said Sheryl Kingstone of Yankee Group.

“Unlike other rewards programs that only reward their customers for purchases and plan usage, C Spire has changed the rewards landscape and is providing a personalized rewards experience not available anywhere else,” Hays said.

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