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Fast Getting Faster: C Spire Wireless Makes Significant Progress On 4G LTE Launch Plans For 20 Markets In Mississippi


Nation's Only Personalized Network Already Has Achieved Several Important Deployment Milestones For Next Generation of High-Speed Wireless Data Covering a Population of 1.2 Million and 360 Cell Sites

Ridgeland, Miss. (May 22, 2012) - C Spire Wireless, the only U.S. provider that offers a suite of personalized wireless services, released details today on progress the company has made in readying its network for introduction of 4G LTE (Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution) high-speed mobile broadband services beginning in September.

The company is investing $60 million for the initial introductory phase of 4G LTE mobile broadband services in 20 Mississippi markets covering 2,700 square miles, a population of 1.2 million and more than 360 cell sites. The new service will provide 4 out of every 10 consumers and businesses in Mississippi with wireless data speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G, allowing C Spire to be the first provider to make these services widely available in the state.

Since announcing its 4G LTE plans in early March, the company has:


  • Installed and tested all major, state-of-the-art core network elements required to launch the next generation of high-speed mobile broadband services
  • Completed the second phase of installation of base station equipment at all 360 plus cell sites that will power 4G LTE services
  • Integrated Ethernet backhaul at nearly 70 percent of all cell sites to date using fiber optic cable to boost overall 4G LTE data rates as well as 3G data service and voice capacity. All remaining cell sites are scheduled to be completed by September.
  • Continued field testing for maximum optimization of the company's high-speed 4G LTE network

"We're very pleased with both the download and upload speeds we've achieved in field testing," said Eric Hollingsworth, vice president of Network Operations for C Spire Wireless. "Our field engineers are reporting data speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G on a consistent basis."

Hollingsworth said C Spire's 4G LTE network builds on the superior 3G data services customers already enjoy on the company's high-quality nationwide network. "Our aggressive approach is driven by our commitment to deliver a personalized mobile broadband experience that gives consumers and businesses unmatched connectivity, reliability, mobility and the ability to communicate in new and innovative ways," he added.

C Spire is the first provider to make the next generation of high-speed mobile broadband data services widely available to Mississippians. "We're moving aggressively to offer 4G LTE services to customers who want to experience the freedom and benefits this dramatic increase in data speeds provides," Hollingsworth said. "Also, we'll be the first provider to make the next generation of high-speed mobile broadband data services widely available in many parts of our service area. For consumers, this paves the way for a future of tightly integrated voice and data services."

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