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C Spire Wireless Launches 'PERCS Catch', A New Augmented Reality App That Brings Company's Personalized Rewards Program To Life


Wireless Carrier’s New ‘PERCS Catch’ App Connects Consumers to Industry’s Only Engagement-Based Rewards Programs

Ridgeland, Miss. (April 10, 2012) – For several weeks, consumers have watched the personalized network in C Spire Wireless television commercials, but now the company has unveiled an augmented reality app that brings those commercials to life – allowing users to experience the network in their own world.

With PERCS Catch, the new augmented reality game from C Spire Wireless, wireless users can use their Android or iPhone smartphones to actually see and interact with the personalized network around them. Just by holding up their device and catching lights that appear around them, users earn PERCS points that they can redeem for amazing rewards.

With the introduction of PERCS Catch, C Spire becomes the first wireless provider in the U.S. to develop and launch its very own mobile augmented reality app for Android and iPhone smartphones. The free app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Through an interactive, virtual experience created by the PERCS Catch augmented reality app, C Spire is bringing images of its personalized network depicted in television ads directly to consumers so they can benefit. Just as the young woman in the PERCS television commercial captures network lights with the one-of-a-kind app, PERCS Catch users can catch network lights by scanning specially shaped markers. By interacting with C Spire’s commercials, online, in newspapers and in C Spire retail locations using the augmented reality app, customers and prospective customers can earn and redeem PERCS points for rewards like device upgrades, discounted accessories and more.

“C Spire’s new PERCS Catch augmented reality app was designed and developed with personalization in mind. Wireless users engage and interact with the app and the virtual world it creates to get the PERCS rewards they want,” said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of Brand Management and Personalization for C Spire Wireless. “C Spire is introducing augmented reality technology to most wireless users for the first time. That’s why we made sure the app would be a fun and entertaining way to showcase C Spire’s unique wireless experience where the network comes to customers in a truly personalized fashion.”

The company’s second augmented reality app introduced this week was developed specifically for University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagle baseball. The app, PERCS of the Game, allows wireless users and Southern Miss fans to practice their pitch at Golden Eagle baseball games and earn PERCS reward points by using their Android or iPhone device.

One of those personalized services that ‘PERCS Catch’ effectively showcases is C Spire’s unique and industry-leading rewards program called PERCS. The first and only customer engagement program in the industry, PERCS rewards customers and future customers for doing things like personalizing their wireless experience with C Spire, interacting with the company and doing something new with their wireless device.

“Unlike other rewards programs that only reward their customers for purchases and plan usage, C Spire is changing the rewards landscape and offering a personalized rewards experience not offered anywhere else,” Hays said. “Our customers are taking advantage of its benefits every day, with more than 170,000 members participating in the program, earning more than 34 million points.”

Response to personalized wireless has been overwhelmingly positive, with consumers embracing services like SCOUT, the company’s personalized app finder, PERCS and Circle, C Spire’s community forum that engages consumers in a two-way conversation about products, services and their wireless experience. However, the company also recognizes that personalized wireless is a new concept for many, which is why C Spire is putting added emphasis on education and discovery through its Learn More initiative, including its new interactive mobile and website experience.

“We’ve seen that when customers understand what personalized wireless is and the benefits it offers them, they become fully engaged and are active participants in their own experience,” Hays said. “Consumers are smart and savvy. They don’t value cookie cutter wireless service created for the masses by other companies. Personalized services that adapt to each individual and put them at the center of everything is the new gold standard moving forward. C Spire customers have become the early adopters of personalized wireless, so it is our job to make sure they understand how to use it to their full advantage.”

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