Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Conley Freeman

Chief Technology Officer

Conley Freeman is the chief technology officer for C Spire. As CTO, he is committed to strategically focusing on prudent technological spending, prioritizing investing at the right time, and effectively managing technical debt. Freeman's vision encompasses advancing the company's technological frontiers and ensuring financial soundness and sustainable growth.

Freeman has a diverse background with over 25 years of telecom, technology, and leadership experience. Prior to C Spire, he was a successful entrepreneur, establishing managed services companies and providing retail and technology consulting. In 2008, Freeman took on the role of overseeing engineering, product development, marketing, and sales for Troy Cable Business. Two years later, he spearheaded the transition from DOCSIS to Fiber to the Home, overseeing a rapid expansion to 5,000 miles of fiber under management.

In 2013, Freeman became the chief technology officer of Troy Cablevision, Inc., a position he held until 2022. Following C Spire's acquisition of Troy Cablevision, he joined C Spire as the senior vice president of network architecture and research.

Freeman believes in a balanced approach to innovation, where cutting-edge technology meets cost-efficiency and operational excellence.

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