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Cloud Data Lake

IT leaders faced with managing large quantities of disparately located data have begun to embrace centralized data repositories called "data lakes." This simplifies management and access, reduces costs, and allows companies to focus their IT staff on strategic initiatives instead of mundane tasks like maintenance. There are several barriers to creating a data lake. In this whitepaper we consider the challenges and benefits of data lakes as well as the key considerations for choosing a Cloud Service Provider.

Big Data

Across the country, business are watching already large volumes of structured and unstructured data grow even larger. Big data, as it's called, is presenting a big challenge: Traditional data management and access methods are unsustainable. In this paper we consider some of the alternatives and advantages made possible by the cloud.

Cloud Computing & Vital Services

Government, Healthcare and Banks provide indispensable or "vital" services to society. Over the next 5-10 years, how will they use the cloud to expand their oerings and ensure consistent service to their customers?

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