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From coding challenges to interactive educational experiences, we're always working on more ways to introduce students to computer science. But this is just a start. Find out a few ways that you can join the movement and expand computer science education.

Take the first step in teaching computer science.

Fill out this form to speak with a representative from the Center for Cyber Education at Mississippi State University about teacher training and curriculum options.


Reach out for more information on how you can bring computer science to your school.

Shelly Hollis at MSU's Center Cyber Education


Wendy Clemmons at MDE


Send a letter asking your school leadership to expand computer science.


Find online resources on coding.

Even if your school doesn't currently have a computer science program, there are tons of useful coding platforms and curricula available for K-12 teachers.

K-8 Curricula


This curricular module for students ages 12-16 teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming.

This website offers free coding resources such as elementary curriculum (blend of online, self-guided and self-paced tutorials) and one-day educator workshops.


This self-paced, elementary computer programming curriculum covers a range of critical skills from drag-and-drop commands to debugging.

Project GUTS

This middle-school program includes instructional modules and professional development for introducing computer science concepts into science classrooms.

Scratch and Scratch Jr

This free online project from the MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten Group allows students to program stories, games and animations. ScratchJr is an iOS coding app for ages 5-7.


This free curriculum engages middle-school students in a series of hands-on projects, helping them improve problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

9-12 Curricula

AP Computer Science A

This course focuses on computing skills related to programming in Java. Professional development is offered through summer institutes at participating universities.

AP Computer Science Principles

This course teaches foundational concepts and challenges students to explore how computing can impact the world. Professional development is offered through summer institutes at participating universities.

The Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC)

This introductory curriculum developed at the University of California, Berkeley covers major computing ideas such as abstraction, design, recursion, concurrency and more.

ECS — Exploring Computer Science

This curriculum is designed to teach fundamental concepts and big ideas of computing. It includes a weeklong summer institute and quarterly Saturday workshops.

K-12 Curricula

Microsoft Imagine Academy

This program provides students and educators with a complete tech education solution that connects to the real world and equips students with the IT skills to succeed in the workforce.


Project Lead The Way

This program offers STEM curricula, including computer science, for all grade levels. The high school computer science program is currently underway in schools across the U.S.

Training & Resources

Code Academy

This program offers free and paid online courses in JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS and other popular languages for website and application development.

CS4HS — Computer Science For High School

Free online instruction. Courses and topics vary depending on the institution offering the training. Offered through annual awards, Google's CS4HS supports colleges, universities, and nonprofits dedicated to CS education in their efforts to provide professional-development opportunities for school teachers.

CSTA — Computer Science Teachers Association

This organization offers curated software-development courses, certification exams, engagement events and more to provide educators with the skills they need to teach computer science and programming.

Apple's Everyone Can Code

This program includes forums, easy-to-use coding software with built-in programming lessons, and a comprehensive curriculum that prepares educators to teach coding to students from Kindergarten to college.


Tynker fuels technological creativity across thousands of schools and powers the imagination of 60 million kids worldwide. There's a learning path for every kid no matter their age, interest, or level.

Google CS First

This free program increases students' access and exposure to computer science education through afterschool, in-school and summer programs. All clubs are run by teachers or community volunteers.

Oracle Academy

This program offers a wide range of classroom courses, self-study instruction, workshops and other resources at no cost to you or your school.

TEALS – Technology Education and Literacy in Schools

This organization helps high schools build sustainable computer science programs by pairing trained professionals with educators to team-teach courses in schools across the U.S.

Hour of Code

This event series, which anyone can organize, offers one-hour tutorials for all ages in over 45 languages and doesn't require prior experience.

CodeSpark Academy

This resource for children ages 5-9 features self-directed, word-free coding lessons based on MIT and Princeton curricula in order to boost interest in STEM education.

Common Sense's Best Coding Tools for Elementary

These elementary-level tools help kids learn to code by targeting the foundations of programming: problem-solving, logic, and critical thinking.

Mississippi Initiatives

Base Camp Coding Academy

This Water Valley-based program, Mississippi's only coding bootcamp, offers hands-on learning designed to train students in software development in 12 months.

Kids Code Mississippi

This advocacy initiative was created to promote and advance K-12 computer science education in Mississippi through students, parents, educators and policymakers.

Tech JXN

This partnership was established to create an inclusive technology corridor in Mississippi's capital city and includes an annual hackathon for Mississippi students.

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