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Leading the way in broadband innovation for rural America.

As our world grows more and more digital, broadband access has shifted from a luxury to necessity, one that's sadly unavailable for many rural areas like those in our home state of Mississippi.

The C Spire Rural Broadband Consortium - a partnership between C Spire, Microsoft, Siklu, Airspan and Nokia - is researching how high-speed internet can be brought to rural America affordably.

Testing is currently underway in Mississippi, but the findings will give helpful insight for rural areas all over the nation, helping them compete in today's economy and empowering their future.




The Consortium is testing broadband technologies aligning with different types of rural areas.


New Business

The Consortium is looking at new business models that enable rural deployments.


Tools and

The Consortium is considering where automation might simplify and reduce costs.


Digital Skills
with Communities

The Consortium is supporting digital skills to encourage and enable broadband adoption.

Five tech companies, one powerful session.
The partners affirmed that aligning technology and environment is crucial, but the larger issue to overcome is economics. Over the next nine months, the consortium plans to lay out different options for delivering broadband to rural communities. These will include new third party business models and design requirements for tools to build and maintain rural broadband networks..


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