Business Models

The challenge of rural broadband doesn’t end with technology – it’s also about economics. Through the C Spire Rural Broadband Consortium, we’re looking at business models that can help third parties bring reliable broadband to rural areas. Read the latest on third-party engagement models.
Case Studies

Consortium case studies are where technology meets business model, designed to tackle a specific scenario. See the solutions analyzed for each market.

Scattered Farmhouse Environment - Local Steward Business Model

June 1, 2020

LEO Satellite Backhaul - Nascent ISP Business Model

October 1, 2020

Mixed Environment - Operator Only Business Model - 2.5GHz Macro Access

October 27, 2020

Established WISP Business Model – Clustered Town Environment

December 1, 2020
White Paper

The Consortium's third white paper describes rural broadband business model challenges. It expounds on the 3rd party engagement models introduced in the case studies and includes improvements through automation and optimization

3rd Party Enablement Business Models for Rural Broadband

December 15, 2020