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C Spire Deploying More LTE Network Capacity and Peak Speed Enhancements


Wireless unit continues roll out of next-gen features in selected markets to optimize mobile experience

Ridgeland, Miss. - (June 14, 2017) – C Spire is ramping up deployment of new features in its LTE network that will boost capacity and peak speeds for wireless customers as part of the latest phase of a next-generation technology initiative for the nation’s largest privately held mobile services provider.

The telecom and technology services company, which operates the nation’s sixth largest wireless communications unit, began rolling out the enhancements in March –selected areas in Cleveland, Collins, Columbus, Greenville, Hattiesburg, Laurel and Louisville, Mississippi – and now has the enhancements in 40 cities with similar upgrades planned through October.

New hardware and other changes are enabling the latest network enhancements, including up to 50 percent faster peak wireless data speeds. “The next generation of LTE works like a finely-tuned race car,” said Alan Jones, senior vice president of Network Engineering and Development, noting that users get a massive speed boost when they need it most in dense areas with heavy data demands.

“More and more consumers are living life in the fast lane on the information superhighway and our network needs to deliver the capacity and peak speeds they want and need,” Jones added. ”These latest LTE enhancements enable them to change lanes as often and as effortlessly as needed so they can optimize their mobile broadband experience.”

Cities, towns and rural areas that are expected to benefit most include the Mississippi Delta, northeast Mississippi, central parts of the state, south Mississippi and portions of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Jones said, noting that enhancements are likely to be more concentrated in some areas.

“This technology allows us to surgically target network improvements in places where we need more reliability, capacity and the right speeds,” he added. “Maximum Range LTE was just the beginning. It’s important to make sure our network has the capacity and peak speeds that our customers want and need. That’s what these latest enhancements do for our customers.”

The company already has added 700 MHz or 850 MHz low-band spectrum throughout most of its network, which extends robust, industry-leading coverage over longer distances and inside offices, commercial buildings and homes. With this phase of the massive, multi-million dollar project expected to complete by July, Jones said C Spire is ready for the next chapter in its network evolution.

How it works

The latest updates to LTE use 2.5 GHz high-band spectrum and software that combines two or more channels into one larger channel to send data over the most efficient route to its ultimate destination. The technology, called carrier aggregation, uses a combination of wireless spectrum.

With two channel carrier aggregation, customers can enjoy peak download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, significantly faster than typical download speeds of 5 to 12 Mbps, Jones said. “This exceeds the speeds of many wireless data networks across the country.”

C Spire customers using one of the 13 current LTE capable smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and S8, Apple iPhones and latest LG and Motorola models, will receive the capacity and speed boosts. As new devices are introduced by handset manufacturers, they will be compatible out of the box.

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