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C Spire Debuts Customer-Inspired Rolling Data Plans That Promise to Save Consumers Money and Eliminate Surprise Data Overages


Provider first in U.S. to launch these type of plans offering consumers simplicity, control and flexibility over their monthly mobile phone bills

Ridgeland, Miss. - (November 26, 2014) – C Spire today became the first U.S. mobile provider to introduce rolling data plans that promise to save consumers money and eliminate surprise data overages.

The three new plans offer consumers a choice of price points - $40, $55 and $65 a month – for 2 GB, 4 GB and 6 GB of rolling data and unlimited talk, text and photos along with automatic data overage protection and optional top-up data passes on the company’s nationwide 4G + LTE mobile broadband network.

A key, customer-inspired feature of the plans allows users to save any unused data – up to the plan maximum – for use in the next month. “Rolling data is about getting to keep the data you don’t use and carrying it over to the next month without worrying about how much data you will need,” said Jim Richmond, vice president of Corporate Communications for C Spire. For more details on other C Spire products and services, go to

The free automatic data overage protection eliminates the specter of surprise charges on users’ monthly bills, Richmond said, noting that customers receive a text message when their remaining monthly data balance reaches 20 percent with an option to purchase a data top up pass on their device. Optional passes range in price from $10 for 500 MB up to $45 for 3 GB of data.

Richmond said rolling data plans offer consumers the best overall value, eliminating the confusion, uncertainty and higher costs associated with tiered data plans and automatic overage charges that are a staple of competing plans offered by most other providers.

“Very few consumers instinctively know how to quickly and accurately calculate their data usage on mobile devices,” Richmond said. The average U.S. mobile consumer uses about 800 megabytes (MB) of data a month, according to Nielsen, but many are paying for plans with five to 10 times as much data than they use every month.

Richmond said the new rolling data plans also can be used for device tethering and personal mobile hotspots and users will be able to add tablets to the plans in the near future for an additional $10 a month to share the monthly data allocation. “These plans are truly customer inspired as we want consumers to use their data however they like.”

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