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C Spire Wireless offers free adult content filter options so customers can better manage access and overall experience on their wireless devices


New service provides additional safety measures for businesses

Ridgeland, Miss. (July 29, 2013) – C Spire Wireless has introduced free new adult content filtering technology on its network to help parents and employers block inappropriate access to questionable content on the mobile Internet by children and employees through their phones and other connected devices.

The filtering service, which is available for every line on a C Spire account, blocks access to Internet content identified as being adult in nature and redirects the device’s browser to a webpage with a message indicating that user access to the content has been denied.

“Whether at home or on the go, families and businesses are using mobile devices to make their lives easier, more efficient and meaningful,” said Jim Richmond, vice president of Corporate Communications for C Spire Wireless. “However, parents and employers can’t always be looking over a child or employee’s shoulder to monitor their usage. This service gives added protection where needed by laying the ground rules for accessing content.”

Richmond said the industry-leading filter works with the device’s native browser and most other mobile browsers. However, he noted, there are some browsers that, due to security limitations, prevent a complete elimination of the problem. “While no filter is 100 percent effective, adding this service to a mobile phone will ensure that access to the majority of adult content is blocked,” he added.

The filter identifies and recognizes characters that indicate the type of content on most websites and uses that data to block access to those websites for customers who have installed the adult content filter. Customers who are the main account holder can visit the company’s adult content filter page and activate the feature on any or all of the mobile numbers on their account.

The feature also works for wireless data cards and mobile hotspots on the C Spire network, but may not work on Wi-Fi networks managed and operated by other parties. “When using Wi-Fi, you are subject to whatever controls, if any, are on that network,” Richmond said. “For devices with the adult content filter, C Spire will block adult content only when it is on a cellular network.”

According to a 2013 Pew Internet study, more than 56 percent of all smartphone owners use their device’s browser to access the mobile Internet. “We want to make sure that the convenience and ease of using the mobile Internet is balanced with simple, easy options for customers to effectively manage their access to content on the go,” Richmond said.

For more information on the adult content filter technology or to add the feature, customers can go online at or call toll-free at 855.277.4735.

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