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C Spire Wireless Launches Next Phase Of Newslink, Delivering Personalized News Content To Each Individual Customer


NEWSLINK Learns What Matters Most to Each Customer and Delivers Personalized News Stories Directly to Their Computers, Tablets or Smartphones, Free of Charge

Ridgeland, Miss. (Oct. 15, 2012) – C Spire Wireless today launched the next phase of NEWSLINK offering consumers and businesses free, personalized news content delivered directly to their computers, tablets and smartphones.

Earlier this year, C Spire Wireless became the first U.S. wireless provider to offer access to free news content with the launch of its NEWSLINKBETA service. With today’s introduction, NEWSLINK now delivers daily, personalized news content to each individual customer based on what matters most to them. The more stories users read and share, the more personalized NEWSLINK becomes.

NEWSLINK is the nation’s only fully integrated and personalized news delivery service that learns about the interests of each individual customer based on their wireless usage and news consumption, finds the most relevant news content and delivers it daily via the Internet directly to their email inbox, according to Jim Richmond, vice president of Corporate Communications for C Spire Wireless.

“NEWSLINK was designed and developed with personalization in mind – making a fantastic addition to C Spire’s growing suite of industry-first personalized wireless services,” Richmond said. “The company’s analytics tools and search engines comb through millions of news and information sources daily to recommend the most timely, relevant and meaningful content for each individual customer based on their likes, dislikes, interests and viewpoints.”

Personalized news content delivered by NEWSLINK is on-demand and completely customized for each customer. News is arranged by categories covering the areas of news, sports, business, politics, outdoors and music and culture. Additionally, customers can earn PERCS reward program points for using NEWSLINK, including sharing and commenting on stories, sharing their NEWSLINK email and just reading their personalized story content.

“NEWSLINK is an entirely new way of getting news and gets better at delivering customers the best news content for them the more they interact and engage with the service,” Richmond said. “Customers no longer need to spend excess time combing through stories they’re not interested in. C Spire’s NEWSLINK service does all the work for them, finding and delivering personalized news each and every day.”

To get NEWSLINK’s unique news services, C Spire customers and non-customers can visit to sign up and opt-in to receive daily email messages. Each NEWSLINK subscriber will receive daily e-mail messages featuring their personalized, premium news content.

NEWSLINK is the latest addition to C Spire’s network of personalized services. Consumers already are embracing services like SCOUT, the company’s personalized app finder, its PERCS rewards program and Circle, C Spire’s community forum that engages consumers in a two-way conversation about products, services and their wireless experience.

“Personalized news and information is just the next phase of our efforts to develop services that adapt to each individual and put them at the center of everything,” Richmond said, adding that customers have become the early adopters of personalized wireless services available only from C Spire Wireless.

For more information about NEWSLINK or C Spire’s other personalized wireless services, go to or

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