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C Spire Wireless Kicks Off 'Learn More' Program With Launch of New Mobile and Web Experience To Bring Personalized Wireless To Life


Company Launches Interactive Web and Mobile Portal to Educate and Engage Consumers About the Benefits, Value and Rewards of Personalized Wireless Services

Ridgeland, Miss. (March 16, 2012) – After successfully introducing personalized wireless services to its customers and the nation last fall, C Spire Wireless is launching the next phase of its mission to bring this unique experience to consumers designed especially for them.

As part of that mission to further educate and inform wireless users about the benefits of personalizing their wireless experience, the company kicked-off a massive, multi-media program this week called ”Learn More.” The multi-phased, consumer-focused, educational initiative will bring personalized wireless to life for consumers in a fun and entertaining fashion and help them fully understand how it works and how it can work for them.

C Spire Wireless launched the first phase of ”Learn More” this week, with the introduction of a state-of-the-art mobile and web experience dedicated to engaging consumers, learning more about their wireless wants and needs and educating them about how personalized wireless can benefit them and improve their overall experience. This unique digital experience will span across multiple screens, including online, on the mobile web and in-store at C Spire’s engagement centers. Users will be able to choose an emotion that best fits their feelings about their wireless experience. Once they have chosen the emotion that fits them, C Spire will offer personalized content that will ideally fit their wireless needs.

“The idea of the new personalized wireless web experience is not to talk at the user, but to let them drive the conversation about what they want out of their wireless experience,” said Suzy Hays, senior vice president of Brand Management and Personalization for C Spire Wireless. “This unique online, mobile and in-store process will allow us to provide content that is relevant, meaningful and more personalized to consumers’ individual needs, which in turn, will bring the story and overall value of personalized wireless to life. No other wireless carrier is taking the time to really get to know each of their customers and offering them a unique personalized experience that is truly tailored just for them,” Hays said.

Response to personalized wireless has been overwhelmingly positive, with consumers embracing services like Scout, a personalized app tool, PERCS, C Spire’s unique rewards program and Circle, C Spire’s community forum that engages consumers in a two-way conversation about products, services and their wireless experience. However, the company also recognizes that this is a new concept for many, which is why C Spire is putting added emphasis on education and discovery through its ”Learn More” initiative, including its new interactive mobile and website experience.

“We’ve seen that when customers understand what personalized wireless is and the benefits it offers them, they become fully engaged and are active participants in their own experience,” Hays said. “Consumers are smart and savvy. They don’t value cookie cutter wireless service created for the masses by other companies. Personalized services that adapt to each individual and put them at the center of everything is the new gold standard moving forward. C Spire customers have become the early adopters of personalized wireless, so it is our job to make sure they understand how to use it to their full advantage.”

C Spire’s ”Learn More” program is designed to highlight the specific services that make up personalized wireless one at a time so consumers better understand how each component can greatly improve their overall wireless experience.

The company is leveraging a variety of communications tools to get the word out, including a new advertising campaign, employee training and a multi-media and interdisciplinary communications initiative, community activities and a robust in-store experience, among others. The first phase of ”Learn More”, with the launch of the new web experience, is all about educating customers about PERCS, C Spire’s personalized rewards and customer engagement program, which has already distributed more than 23 million reward points. Subsequent phases will showcase Scout, the company’s personalized app tool, with the introduction of an exciting new technology – augmented reality. As part of the final ”Learn More” phase, C Spire will highlight its personalized wireless plans, including its infinite voice and data plans.

C Spire’s ”Learn More” customer education strategy is directly in line with what some of the industry’s foremost wireless personalization experts believe is the best approach for comprehensive engagement. Teresa Cottam, research and publications director for Telesperience, a London-based independent telecommunications and IT analyst firm, said companies like C Spire that pursue broad-based personalization strategies are leveraging a powerful and evolving force in the customer experience.

“True personalization seeks to understand the evolving needs and behaviors of customers and allow the products and services to dynamically adapt to these requirements,” Cottam said, noting that C Spire’s strategy to marry personalization technology with customer engagement, communication and support demonstrates the commitment to innovation and to the customer experience that differentiates a company from its peers.

“What’s really refreshing is to see a wireless communications provider invest in a business strategy that has the potential to make a real difference to its customers,” Cottam said. “This strong focus on customers means that investments are far more likely to be effective and to succeed.”

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