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C Spire's Percs Program Reaches Major Milestone: Rewards Members More Than 3 Million Percs Points


C Spire Wireless Customers Are Already Experiencing the Benefits of the Nation’s First 

Personalized Customer Engagement Program by Earning Percs at a Rapid Pace


Yankee Group says C Spire’s recently-introduced Percs rewards program sets a “new industry standard” for customer engagement

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Ridgeland, Miss. (Nov. 8, 2011) – C Spire Wireless, the first wireless provider in the U.S. to offer consumers a suite of personalized wireless services, is already experiencing early success with the nation’s first comprehensive personalized consumer engagement program.  In just a few weeks, more than 50,000 wireless users have signed up to participate in this industry-first rewards program, earning more than 3 million points.  


C Spire’s Percs program is allowing both customers and prospective customers to access a variety of rewards, just by using their phones and interacting with the C Spire brand.  Plus, Percs is completely personalized, giving wireless users the choice to interact as little or as much as they want and earn rewards accordingly. 


"C Spire’s Percs program isn’t just a rewards program.  In fact, it is the first and only customer engagement program that rewards customers and future customers for doing things like personalizing their experience with us, interacting with us and doing something new with their wireless devices,” said Kevin Hankins, chief operating officer at C Spire Wireless.  “Unlike other rewards programs that only reward their customers for purchases and plan usage, C Spire is changing the rewards landscape and offering a personalized rewards experience not offered anywhere else,” Hankins added.  “Our customers are already taking advantage of its benefits every day,” he said. 


With the introduction of C Spire’s personalized wireless services on Sept. 26, the company made rewards program history by launching its one-of-a-kind Percs program, giving consumers rewards, in the form of Status Percs and Perc Points, just for the things they do with the company.  C Spire customers get two types of rewards, Status Percs and Perc Points, for things like sharing their views on the company’s community social forum, being a loyal customer and engaging in activities on their way to personalizing their wireless experience. 


“All loyalty programs offer some form of reward, but many don’t fully connect with members … C Spire’s new Percs program sets a new industry standard,” said Sheryl Kingstone, Yankee Group research director and an expert on customer-centric strategies.  Kingstone said Yankee Group research shows that 77 percent of consumers prefer loyalty programs that offer service upgrades in addition to traditional points-for-merchandise plans.  “C Spire’s program is transparent, engaging and makes a better customer experience and service part of the value proposition,” Kingstone said.


Percs offers wireless users the following unique benefits only found at C Spire Wireless:

  • Gives Perc participants the opportunity to earn Status Percs levels that give access to certain discounts and privileges.  Customers can earn these levels by either accumulating points over time or simply by being a loyal customer.
  • Rewards tenured customers right away (5+ years get Premium status and 10+ years get Elite status immediately).
  • Allows quick access to all kinds of rewards, including device and accessory discounts, easier upgrades, exclusive deals and more.
  • Offers exceptional proactive customer service, including personalized check-ins every 6 months and an industry-first Facebook customer care chat.
  • Offers complimentary transfers, Express Phone Line to Crew Members, free shipping, as well as VIP privileges.
  • The first and only program for both customers and customers-to-be.


For more information about C Spire’s Percs program, go to


Personalized Wireless 


Personalized wireless at C Spire is a combination of a number of different services, systems and programs that combine to offer an unmatched wireless experience that directly reflects and serves each customer’s unique needs.  Customers will see this unique personalization in apps and content that fit who they are, services that anticipate their needs, and rewards they’ll get just for using their phone in new ways.  Specific examples of C Spire’s industry-first personalized wireless services include the following programs:


Scout:  This program creates an optimum, personalized app experience not available at any other wireless carrier by getting to know each consumer in a more intimate way and by providing app recommendations that match their interests and needs.


Social Media Integration:  In order to personalize each consumer’s interaction with C Spire on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, C Spire has developed programs that directly interact with consumers on a personal level, including personalized app recommendations, daily prizes and gaming, insider information, the unique ability to share with friends as well as an industry-first customer care live chat.


Circle:  C Spire engages consumers in a two-way conversation and listens to what they have to say through online panels, focus groups, user generated initiatives and more.  This gives the company valuable information and tools needed to create unique consumer experiences with products and services. 


Pulse:  To achieve closeness with consumers, C Spire has developed a series of proprietary systems that enable us to discover new ways to interact and give customers a personalized wireless experience.  Pulse is “the brains” behind the company’s ability to provide a personalized and unique experience at nearly every point of brand engagement. 


Personalized Plans with Infinite Data: With personalized options built around customers’ wireless needs, 

C Spire offers a variety of individual, family and business voice and data plans that give users the freedom and flexibility to use their phone how and when they want.  C Spire understands that when customers have to measure and limit their data, they aren’t getting the optimal experience with their wireless provider.  That’s why the company has introduced Individual and Family Choice Plans that offer consumers the ultimate in choice and flexibility, and access to infinite data.  


About C Spire Wireless

C Spire Wireless is a diversified wireless communications company passionately committed to helping customers by personalizing wireless services designed just for them.  The company is the first provider in the U.S. wireless industry to personalize customers’ experience by offering apps that fit who they are, services that anticipate their needs, and rewards for using their phone in new ways – all with seamless ease and at amazingly fast speeds.  This news release and other announcements are available at For more information about C Spire and its products and services, visit