Case Studies

Download our case studies to better understand how we have helped others and can help you in the world of secure data and cloud computing. Keep checking this space in the future for new case studies.

Industry: Banking

One challenge for any IT department involves balancing the imperative to embrace new technologies with the need to optimize the return on current technology investments. A recent bank client of ours faced this challenge when they wanted to migrate a secondary data center in a branch office to the cloud, yet still get value from equipment they already had.

Banking Industry Case Study
Industry: Healthcare

Technology evolves so quickly that it's easy for organizations to build out their IT operations in a piecemeal fashion. What results is a complex and diverse environment that's difficult to protect in a simple way— at least not using traditional methods. This was certainly the case for a recent healthcare client. They were relying on IBM SAN-based replication to recover disparate technologies and applications to a colocation vendor. Unfortunately, it simply couldn't account for the complexity of their operation. On top of this, they were eager to move away from constantly sinking new capital into hardware, much of which was duplicated in multiple locations.

Healthcare Industry Case Study
Industry: Insurance

For many companies, the biggest draw of the cloud is its ability to trade considerable ongoing capital expenditures for a predictable, lower cost operational expense. Despite the obvious advantages of the cloud's financial model, there is one challenge many companies face— embracing it without forfeiting the money they've spent on their current hardware! Recently, we helped a client of ours in the insurance industry save money when we helped them migrate a secondary DIY data center to the C Spire Cloud in an incremental way.

Insurance Industry Case Study
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Time is money. And when your client tells your they'll be losing approximately $1M in revenue for each month their pharmacy application hasn't been successfully deployed, you're thankful for the speed of the C Spire Cloud.

Pharmaceutical Industry Case Study
Industry: Sports Franchise

Thanks to new virtual infrastructure options, companies at the end of their hardware lifecycle now have a choice when they're looking to improve the performance of their disaster recovery options. You no longer have to go through the hardware procurement process to get the results you're looking for. The C Spire Cloud recently helped a sports franchise that needed to drastically improve their recovery point and time objectives (RPO & RTO) without buying new hardware.

Sports Franchise Industry Case Study