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C Spire on Customer-Centric Mission to Be Easiest Firm to Do Business With


Customer Inspired 2.0 effort accelerates enterprise-wide changes to improve consumer experience

Jackson, Miss. - (November 18, 2016) – C Spire is accelerating efforts to put its 1 million customers at the center of every decision it makes in a bid to help the Mississippi-based diversified telecommunications and technology services firm become the easiest company to do business with in the industry.

The company, which offers wireless, Gigabit Internet access, digital TV, phone and voice, data and cloud services to consumers and businesses, has launched the next phase of its customer-relationship evolution initiative called “Customer Inspired 2.0,” which will help spur further improvements in its southeastern U.S. operations.

“Our brand name reflects the core belief that our company and our business practices are inspired by our customers,” C Spire President and CEO Hu Meena told 300 top managers during a special company summit on customer service Thursday at the Jackson Convention Center. “In a very real sense, our passion and commitment to produce and provide world-class products and services comes from our customers. We owe them our very best and that means always striving for continuous improvement.”

Meena said the company is continuing its comprehensive customer experience initiative in of every part of the $1 billion privately-held operation. “Since our beginning as a wireless provider in 1988, we have put our customers at the center of everything we do,” he said. “In an era of rapidly evolving technology changes and customer preferences, this approach is critical to our future success and customer confidence in our efforts.”

Key elements of the initiative include:

  • Continuation of the company’s efforts to expand maximum range LTE technology to more parts of its service area.
  • A comprehensive redesign of the company’s e-commerce website to improve the online customer experience.
  • Improvements to a one-stop shop approach for managing and resolving all customer service and support issues.
  • Additional employee training to ensure quick and efficient identification and resolution of customer issues the first time.
  • Enhanced customer experience mapping to help employees better understand and anticipate customer needs.
  • A new print, TV and radio “We Work For You” advertising campaign that brings the “Customer Inspired” service credo to life.

“This is not just the latest campaign to convince our customers and employees that we are serious about being a customer-inspired company,” Meena said. “It’s a constant reminder that we literally work for our customers and believe that our success as a business is directly tied to our ability to deliver on these promises.” Meena said the company is harnessing the power of technology to improve the customer experience across the enterprise. “We work hard every day to remove complexity from our business, but it’s worth it because, in the end, our mission is to make things simple, easy and intuitive for our customers,” he added.

C Spire is poised to be an industry leader in this space, which could set it apart from others in the crowded telecom sector, especially since most firms don’t focus enough on the customer experience, according to Dr. Martha Rogers, a world- renowned author, business strategist and founder of Peppers and Rogers Group, the world’s premier customer-centered consultancy with offices on six continents.

Rogers, who was a keynote speaker at the summit, said research shows that many corporate executives are out of touch with the quality of the customer experience in their businesses, citing a study by Bain and Co. that shows only 8 percent of customers were satisfied while 80 percent of senior management thought they delivered a “superior” experience.

She also shared key findings at the summit from her newest best-selling book called “Extreme Trust: Turning Proactive Honesty and Flawless Execution into Long-Term Profits,” which has won critical acclaim in business circles worldwide. Rogers is head and founder of Trustability Metrix, which is designed to help companies understand how they are trusted by customers, employees and business partners.

“What matters most is what customers say to each other,” Rogers said, citing the rise of smartphones, apps and social media and their influence on consumer behavior and company brands. “In a transparent and interconnected world, you have no choice but to offer a great customer experience and if you’re going to do that, it doesn’t happen unless customers can really trust what you’re doing for them.”

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