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Security as a Service

C Spire works for you, helping close the door with next-generation firewall protection.

Protecting critical data should be every business's top priority. Hacks, malware, ransomware, and data breaches are no longer carried out by only highly skilled individuals in targeted attacks. Most breaches are targets of opportunity - carried out automatically by botnets scanning open internet connections.

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Firewalls monitor and control the traffic to and from your business to the world. Traditionally, businesses purchased physical hardware that they configured, managed, maintained, and monitored themselves. C Spire's solution allows the customer to skip the hardware headache and entrust our fulltime security experts, instead of attempting to become one yourself.

C Spire Next-Generation Firewall Features

APPLICATION ID allows you to view the applications running on your network and learn how they work, their behavioral characters, and their relative risk.

THREAT PREVENTION protects your network against threats by providing multiple layers of prevention, and confronting the threats at each phase of the attack. In addition to traditional intrusion-prevention capabilities, we provide the unique ability to detect and block threats on any ports.

This feature includes:

  • Antivirus - Used to protect against worms, viruses, trojans, and block spyware downloads.
  • Anti-spyware - Used to block attempts from spyware on compromised hosts trying to phone-home or beacon out to external command and control servers.
  • Vulnerability protection - Used to stop attempts to exploit system flaws or gain unauthorized access to systems.

DATA FILTERING (DLP) prevents sensitive information from leaving a protected network.
C Spire will filter on pre-defined patterns for credit card and social security numbers and up to 3 customer defined regular expressions.

URL FILTERING allows C Spire to provide the customer secure web browsing and URL access by empowering administrators to block dangerous sites that deliver malware, attempt to circumvent security controls, or are designed to steal legitimate user credentials through phishing attempts. Many data breaches can occur when employees themselves access websites that have become compromised. This results in drive-by or even click-through installs of malware and ransomware. The C Spire basic service will provide a pre-defined set of filtering policies to choose from. The advanced service will allow for custom policies.


  • Detects evasive zero-day exploits and malware
  • Orchestrates automated prevention for unknown threats in as few minutes from first discovery anywhere in the world, without requiring manual response
  • Builds collective immunity for unknown malware and exploits with shared real-time intelligence from approximately 20,000 worldwide subscribers.

FILE BLOCKING halts file transfers over network protocols that should not be for this purpose. For example: DNS, ICMP, and NTP

USER ID enables visibility, security policies, reporting, and forensics based on users and groups not just IP addresses. This feature requires a customer installed agent on an active-directory server(s) to provide user to IP address mapping information.