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IT professionals count on C Spire when they want to utilize their current equipment and staff to manage and maintain their infrastructure but need to house it in a secure, state-of-the-art facility. Key card and biometric access can be granted for approved individuals to perform necessary maintenance 24/7.

Disaster Recovery

This is the champion of all protection plans. With C Spire’s Disaster Recovery solution, your data and applications are continuously replicated off-site to one of C Spire’s redundant data centers, ensuring you can recover and restore your mission-critical applications quickly and from the exact point in time that your system experienced a failure. This powerful tool lowers your operational expenses while satisfying audit and compliance requirements.

  • • Recover applications instantly, in full read-write mode
  • • Remote Office / Branch Office (ROBO) protection extends disaster recovery to branch offices or environments
  • • Test failover, including full remote recovery in a sandboxed zone
  • • Recovery validation for live failover
  • • Migrate workloads to a remote data center
  • • No performance degradation of production databases, applications, and transactions
  • • Automated failover, failback and testing with the push of a button to mitigate risk
  • • Achieve seconds of RPO with continuous replication
  • • Recovery to a historic point-in-time with journal-based CDP
  • • Protect thousands of VMs with scale-out replication architecture


Protect your business from ransomware, disk failure, file corruption, and accidental deletions with our file-level backup solution. We offer a comprehensive remote service that lets you schedule automated backups and perform self-service recoveries, all from a single easy-to-use console.

  • • Windows, MAC, & Linux Compatible
  • • End user self-service for simple file recovery
  • • Centralized management on a single console
  • • Automated, schedule backup: Granular to file level
  • • Selective folder inclusion/exclusion
  • • Source-based and data-at-rest encryption

Virtual Data Center

Control it all. Or let our experts manage it for you. Either way, C Spire Virtual Data Center pairs the agility you’ve come to expect from the cloud with the security and stability you can build your business on.


HybridLink provides C Spire customers using multi-cloud deployments with a private interconnect between their C Spire infrastructure and public cloud services. This ensures low latency and maximum security for your data as it travels to and from AWS Direct Connect, Azure Express Route, Google Cloud Interconnect, and other public providers. With bandwidth options up to 10Gbps and up to 30% lower latency than traditional VPN connections, HybridLink ensures your hybrid deployments provide an exceptional experience.