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Helping wholesale providers & other carriers stay connected.

Gain the cost-efficient bandwidth you need for networking and telecommunications, backed by state-of-the-art fiber optic and broadband facilities.


Through fiber optic and other broadband facilities, we offer the cost efficient bandwidth necessary for data networking and telecommunications services to other carriers (wireless, IXC, CLEC, ILEC, CATV), ISPs, and Wholesale Providers.

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Carrier Class Ethernet Access

C Spire Wholesale works for your business. With over 9,750 miles of 100% fiber throughout our footprint, we offer an uncommon level of support and transparency so you can design the best solution for your needs.

  • Diverse route options and specialized builds
  • High density metro and rural access
  • 2 Mbps — 100 Gig access speeds
  • 2500+ on-net buildings and growing
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Carrier Class E-NNI

No matter how complex your design, our team of experts is ready to help. Quick quoting, great rates, and flexible contracts all make it very easy to do business with us.

  • Nationwide access options
  • 1 Gig and 10 Gig connections
  • No-fee E-NNIs
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If you need performance, C Spire Wholesale has several options to help you enhance your footprint using our 100% fiber backbone.

  • Circuit Options
  • Point-to-point, diverse, and protected paths
  • 10 Gig to 100 Gig connectivity options
  • Full port-speed throughput
  • Multiple route options and customizable solutions
  • 2500+ on-net buildings and growing
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Private Line

Trust your mission-critical private-line data transport to the highly dependable C Spire Network. Our carrier class network infrastructure provides robust security and reliability fully backed by our industry-leading SLA standards.

  • Metro
  • Long haul
  • Diverse routes & entrances
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Cellular Backhaul

Put the C Spire Network to work for your business. As the industry leader in our region, we can provide the critical backhaul solutions you need to supplement the capacity, coverage, and reach of your footprint.

With over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, we've proven ourselves as a valuable partner for tower access.

  • 100% fiber backbone
  • Dark Fiber and Ethernet Access Options
  • Fiber backhaul solutions for macro and small cell networks
  • 9,750 route miles in urban, suburban, and underserved areas
  • Over 800 towers and growing
  • Internal engineering and construction expertise
  • Custom build solutions
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Small Cell

Whether it's RF engineering, site acquisition, construction, and/or backhaul, we can provide turnkey solutions that support the custom requirements of any business need.

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Dark Fiber

C Spire Wholesale works for you. Our experts collaborate to design, engineer and build the perfect custom solution for your business. Using 100% Dark Fiber access, our footprint lets you expand your existing network, boost diversity, and connect rural, suburban, and metro regions.

  • We offer an uncommon level of transparency.
  • We offer flexible fiber lease terms and IRU options
  • Over 2500 available fiber-fed buildings and expanding
  • Over 9,750 route miles of fiber in our region
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C Spire has joined a national network of state and regional fiber providers as part of its efforts to offer more businesses and enterprises, particularly those in rural and underserved areas, with reliable wholesale access to broadband connectivity via fiber optic network routes across the U.S.

INDATEL Services is a national network that provides fiber connectivity to rural and urban America. INDATEL is uniquely positioned to provide broadband telecommunications services to many places other carriers cannot deliver services via 30 state and regional wholesale member-owners and affiliates. INDATEL's national network represents over 100,000 fiber optic route miles and 300,000-member serviceable buildings serving over 5,000 communities that use over 1,100 nationwide points of presence and representing 700 independent rural exchange providers. For more information about INDATEL Services, visit

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