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Gigabit speeds

Gigabit speeds

C Spire Fiber Internet has all the horsepower you need to stream, game and more, all at the same time. Plus, with symmetrical uploads and Gigabit speed downloads, your devices can send data as quickly as they receive it.

No more buffering

No more buffering

Smart TVs, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, smart home devices—they all need ample internet bandwidth to operate well. C Spire Fiber delivers more than enough bandwidth for all your devices at once through a dedicated fiber connection, so you can run them all without buffering.

Over 99.99% reliability

Over 99.99% reliability

Fiber-optic cable is not only more durable than copper-based lines, it also maintains signal strength much longer than traditional cable—nearly 25 miles, as opposed to 330 feet for copper. And since most fiber lines run underground, weather-related outages are a thing of the past.

No long-term contracts, no data caps

No long-term contracts, no data caps

Long-term contracts are at the top of the list of things you need to let go. But you should also watch out for ISPs that charge you cancellation fees if you need to break your agreement before the term ends, even if you’re moving. And, of course, always say no to data caps. We’ve never had ‘em.

More value for your home

More value for your home

Where traditional cable and DSL take money from you every month, fiber is an investment that gives value back to you. On average, fiber can add 3.1% to your home value. That’s a nice bonus to have in your back pocket while you’re enjoying all the benefits of a lightning-fast fiber connection.

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New customer?

New customer?

Place your order now and schedule your installation for move-in day.

Moving service?

Moving service?

Schedule your installation appointment when you know your move-in date.

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frequently asked questions

How do I find out if C Spire Fiber Internet is available at my new home?

You can enter your address and find out what products are available here.

When should I set up C Spire Fiber Internet at my new place?

We recommend ordering two weeks ahead of your move-in date, to ensure you’re able to schedule an installation appointment on move-in day. Our professional installers will have you up and running with ultra-fast fiber internet in no time. 

How do I order service if I’m a New Customer? Existing Customer?

If you are new to C Spire Fiber, you'll want to enter your address to see if C Spire Fiber is available at your home here, and from there, you'll be able to select a package and schedule your installation.

If you’re already a C Spire Fiber customer with existing service at your current residence, you'll first need to disconnect your service before transferring it to the new home. Call us at 1-855-438-1009 to schedule a transfer.

How soon can I have C Spire Fiber service installed at my new home?

If we have fiber in your new neighborhood, you'll be able to choose the installation date that's closest to your move-in date when you place your order. If we're currently building fiber to your neighborhood, we recommend ordering now so you can schedule your installation as soon as construction is completed.

Can my C Spire Fiber services be activated at my new home before the current resident moves out?

The current resident's C Spire services must be disconnected before your new services can be activated. Once you complete your order online, C Spire will contact the current resident to arrange for their services to be disconnected.

How long will my installation take?

Most customers are installed within two hours, although the actual length of the installation can be impacted by several factors, including the size of your home, number of services ordered, condition of existing wiring, location of outlet(s) and more. Our professional installation technician will be more than happy to give you an estimate to make sure your installation doesn't interfere with the rest of your day. 

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