Frequently Asked Questions


What is C Spire Fiber Internet?

How fast is gigabit C Spire Fiber Internet?

What are the benefits of C Spire Fiber Internet?

Is there a cap on data usage with C Spire Fiber Internet?

Can I get C Spire Fiber Internet for my business?

What is fiber optic internet, and how is it different?

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Smart WiFi

At only $10/mo, is subscribing to C Spire Smart WiFi a good deal?

Does Smart WiFi replace my current WiFi router?

What's included in my Smart WiFi subscription?

How much does a Smart WiFi subscription cost?

Who is Plume?

How many Pods do I need for my home?

How does Smart WiFi protect against cyber threats?

How does Smart WiFi protect my Smart Home devices?

How do Smart WiFi Parental Controls work?

What devices work with Smart WiFi?

As a C Spire Fiber customer, do I have to subscribe to Smart WiFi?

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How does C Spire TV work?

How many streams and hours of Cloud DVR do I get?

What is Replay TV?

Can I watch TV outside of my house?

How do I get C Spire TV?

Does C Spire TV have my local channels?

Where can I find help and support for C Spire TV?

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Home Phone

Can I keep my current landline number?

Is there an additional charge for domestic long-distance calls?

What features are included with home phone service?

Will I need a different home phone?

Is this Voice over IP service?

Do you offer international calling?

Will I have phone service if the power goes out?

Will C Spire Home Phone work with my security system or fax machine?

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How do I find out if C Spire Fiber Internet is available at my residence?

How do I order service?

Why is service not available in my area?

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Construction & Installation

How does C Spire Fiber get to my home?

What should we expect in our neighborhood during the construction process?

Why is construction necessary in my yard?

Who should I contact if I have questions about construction near my home?

When will C Spire Fiber Internet be connected to my home?

Can you utilize existing wiring in my residence?

If I need new wiring, what type of cable will you use?

What equipment is placed on the exterior of my residence?

When will my services be installed?

How long will my installation take?

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Account & Billing

Is my bill going to change after a promotional period like it does with other providers?

When and how will I get my first bill?

How do I manage my services online?

How can I pay my bill?

What happens if I subscribe to C Spire Fiber and then move to an area without fiber?

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