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Frequently Asked Questions

Fiber To The Home Basics

C Spire Fiber Cities and Pre-Registration

C Spire Fiber Timeline

  • If my city is selected, how soon will I be able to order service?

    This depends on how quickly a given Fiberhood within each C Spire Fiber city "goes green." "Going green" refers to the point when a Fiberhood reaches the necessary number of pre-registrants to warrant the construction costs required to bring fiber to each interested household. At that point, construction in the Fiberhood will begin and people can place their order for service. Basically, the faster people pre-register, the faster they can get C Spire Fiber service.

  • What are the phases in this process?

    The first step for each Fiberhood is pre-registration. Once enough people in a Fiberhood pre-register for service, that Fiberhood is considered "green." Once a Fiberhood goes green, the engineering and construction phases begin. These phases generally take from four to six months to complete depending on each Fiberhood’s individual needs. During the construction phase, you can place your order for C Spire Fiber service, which gives C Spire the green light to bring the fiber into the your yard. The final phase of the process is installation of the fiber services you ordered.

  • Why can't I get service immediately after my Fiberhood goes green?

    Once enough people in a Fiberhood have pre-registered for service, that Fiberhood is considered "green" and moves into the next phase in the process, which is the engineering phase. To engineer a Fiberhood is to survey the area and draw the construction plans. Before construction can begin, the engineering plans must be approved by the Fiberhood's city. Since we're bringing new technology to the area, the lead time between interest and installation is longer than with an existing technology.

  • How can I officially sign up for service once my Fiberhood is green?

    There are three ways to sign up for service:

  • When will fiber be brought to my house?

    Once construction is complete on your street, and you have signed a two-year service agreement, which contains a Right of Way provision, C Spire will send a crew to place fiber under the ground in your yard.

C Spire Fiber Installation

  • How much will the total installation cost?

    We are currently waiving the installation costs for C Spire Fiber including the cost of Cat6 wiring, if it's needed.

  • Can you use the existing wiring in my house?

    If your home is wired with RG6 for TV outlets, we will test that wiring to make sure its signal is sufficient to deliver Super HD TV service. If your existing wiring is not usable, we will try to use wireless access points for additional TVs or will discuss wiring options with you.

  • If I need new wiring, what type of cable will you use?

    We will use Cat6 Ethernet, which can be installed by C Spire personnel or by your own electrician.

  • Will any equipment be placed in my yard?

    A box will be placed on the side of your home, which will house the fiber connections from the home to the rest of the C Spire fiber network. Fiber optic cable will also run underground from the street to the box on the side of your home.

  • How far does the fiber actually go into my house?

    Fiber connects to Ethernet cabling in the box on the side of your home. This allows the signal to connect to devices in the home.

  • How do you plan to run fiber in my yard?

    Fiber is placed in a yard in one of two ways: either by boring or trenching. Boring tunnels underground to avoid damage to the surface area and trenching uses excavation equipment to create a path on the surface of your yard. Engineers will determine the best method for your yard.

  • Will running fiber to my house mess up my yard?

    It is possible that the construction crew might need to temporarily disturb a flower bed or portion of your yard. When the construction crew completes the job at your house, they will restore the yard to its original state, prior to construction. This includes flower beds and any utility lines that might be disturbed.

Home Internet Service

Home Phone Service

Super HD™ TV Service

  • What channels are available?

    Our standard TV package has 135+ channels and our expanded TV package has 180+ channels. In addition, we have several premium services available like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and sports programming.

    View the standard lineup.
    View the expanded lineup.

  • Can I watch TV on my mobile device?

    Yes, you can watch a huge selection of TVE (TV Everywhere) content via your mobile device.

    Super HD™ TV customers have access to today's hottest shows, movies and sports content including WatchESPN / ESPN3, Watch Disney and over 50 additional apps and streaming video websites. Premium channel subscribers gain access to their channels' respective TVE platforms like HBO GO, MAX GO, Showtime and more. When accessing online programming from networks, select C Spire as the provider and enter your C Spire Fiber To The Home username and password. (The username and password you use to manage your C Spire Fiber account online.)

    For the best experience, use Wi-Fi when accessing mobile TVE content.

  • Can I keep my existing TV service?

    Super HD TV is an optional service. You are not required to subscribe to our TV service if you only want home Internet and home phone service.

  • Do you offer local TV channels?


  • Do you carry the SEC Network and the alternate SEC channels?


  • Can I rent movies?

    Yes, we have a Video on Demand service through which you can rent movies.

  • What do you mean by Whole Home DVR?

    The Whole Home DVR concept is made up of one primary receiver with secondary receivers for additional TVs. You can record programming and order movies on the primary receiver, which can then be accessed by all of the secondary receivers in your home.

    The primary receiver has a 1TB hard drive and can record up to 400 hours of HD video on six channels simultaneously. Each additional TV in your home uses a secondary receiver that can access and watch the programming recorded by the primary receiver. From a secondary receiver, you can also schedule programming to be recorded on the primary receiver or order an on-demand movie to watch on any TV.

  • How many shows can I record at once?

    The primary receiver allows you to record up to six channels at once.

  • How many hours of programming can the DVR hold?

    The primary receiver can store up to 400 hours of HD programming.

  • Does my family have to watch the same show at the same time on each television?

    No, each television with a primary or secondary receiver can watch different programming -- live or recorded -- at the same time.

  • Can I view a program I recorded on any TV in my house?

    Yes, you can watch your recorded programming on any TV with a C Spire DVR (either a primary or secondary receiver).

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