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frequently asked questions

  • Why is service not available for all areas?

    Service availability is based on a number of factors including distance from C Spire fiber, city/municipality approval, density, and/or signal strength. For specific information about your home, email us at

  • Will C Spire Fiber automatically be available to residents of selected cities?

    Once C Spire services open to a select city, certain criteria must still be met in order to service your home. Fill out an interest form and we'll contact you once the service is available. Don't forget to have your neighbors do the same! By spreading the word, you can help drive the demand for service.

  • I live in a very rural area. Will I ever get fiber services?

    Don't give up! We're currently implementing new technologies that will potentially service your area in the future. Stay tuned.

  • I filled out the online interest form previously, when will I hear about service in my area?

    If you have already fill out the interest form, there's still more you can do. Become a Fiber Champion for your area by contacting But stay tuned. We still have your interest form and we'll contact you when or if services become available.

  • What are the installation phases?

    • PRE-ORDER C Spire Internet is planned for this neighborhood.
    • ENGINEERING The team is engineering your neighborhood determining where Fiber should go.
    • CONSTRUCTION Fiber optic conduit is being spooled near your street.
    • INSTALLATION We'll connect the outside fiber optic network with the inside of your home.