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Now that high speed Internet connections are a necessity of modern life, more and more developers are putting deliberate thought into how best to ensure fiber technology is available in their neighborhoods. We're eager to work with you to ensure your homes are fiber-ready and future proofed for awesome technology coming down the line.
Brand new neighborhood?
Want your homeowners to have access to the best Internet connection available today? Contact to find out how you can bring C Spire Fiber to your neighborhood or even partner with us to make C Spire the exclusive fiber Internet provider.
Get pre-connected
Avoid any potential disruptions to landscaping and have a fiber connection ready from Day-1 by having C Spire Fiber service installed during the build. Your homebuyers will love having internet from the moment they move in. Email for more details.
Real Estate Developer Referral Program
Contact us at to learn more about our referral programs for real estate developers.
Spec sheets.
Reference the .pdf below for important informationabout building a fiber-compatible home. Make sure to share this with the builders in your neighborhood.
Questions? Email .