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Home Internet.
Better has arrived.

We believe that everyone deserves great Internet. So we developed a new technology to deliver broadband speeds with better dependability to more people than ever before. We're changing the face of home Internet in Mississippi and we'd love for you to be part of this homegrown, technology success story.

Almost There! Your address needs further verification to see if you can get C Spire Home Internet.

  • Please call 1-855-CSPIRE6 (277-4736).

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Unfortunately, we do not recognize the address you entered. It's our mission to bring home Internet to as many areas as possible. We're deploying new technologies all the time which may help us reach you soon. Keep checking back here to track the status of your address.


25 Mbps Icon
Speeds up to 25 Mbps*

The speed you need to stream, share, and surf the web.

  • Use multiple devices at the same time.
  • Stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime.
  • Video chat with friends and family.
Installation Icon
Professional Installation

Because your time is valuable, we provide 2 hour installation windows.

  • One-time $99 installation fee
  • Knowledgeable, considerate and clean staff
  • Get hooked up and back to your life without wasting a whole day.
Wi-Fi Icon
High Performance
In-Home Wifi

C Spire's in home WiFi access point is state-of-the-art and delivers silky-smooth broadband to virtually every nook and cranny of your home.

  • Available for just $10/mo
  • Utilizes latest 802.11ac dual band technologies
  • Built-in parental control settings
Customer Care Icon
Customer Care by C Spire

Locally based, 24/7 support the way you want it.

  • No more crossing oceans to get the help you deserve.
  • Get support via text, email, web chat or even speak to a human.
  • Our care reps speak your language that make understanding today's tough technologies as easy as learning your ABC's.

At just $50/mo, this is going to be huge.

Share the great news with friends and neighbors on social media!

* Customers that routinely are among a small percentage of users that utilize the highest amount of data may have their service deprioritized behind other customers during peak times or locations experiencing network congestion.

Call 1-855-CSPIRE6 (277-4736)
to learn more and see if you qualify.

C Spire crew talks with customer C Spire crew talks with customer

Almost There! Your address needs further verification to see if you can get C Spire Home Internet.

  • Please call 1-855-CSPIRE6 (277-4736).

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