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C Spire Fiber Internet

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About Fiber

Incredible 1000 Mbps Speed. Incredible C Spire Value.

Fiber Internet gives you the fastest option available for home Internet service, hands down. Bundle it with C Spire TV and Home Phone service, and you've got the home entertainment and communications package you've always dreamed of.

100x Faster Fiber Internet

Instant page navigation. Music downloads in the blink of an eye. With connectivity speeds of up to 1,000 Mb per second, you can experience the Internet the way it was meant to be. Best of all, Fiber Internet easily accommodates multiple users in your home without slowing speeds.

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No More Buffering

Say Goodbye To Buffering

Tired of waiting on video? With ultra high speed Fiber, buffering becomes a thing of the past. Download or upload videos with amazing speed, and enjoy streaming video and other online services without buffering or skipping frames.

Be Ready For The Future

A world of innovation lies ahead. With Fiber, your home is ready to make the most of future entertainment, medical and educational products that require high bandwidth.

Be Ready for the Future