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mobile assistant
Mobile Assistant

Note taking is easier than ever before. Simply dictate your notes into the TalkIT app or dial a phone number and speak your notes. A professional transcriptionist will accurately type your notes and send you an email with precision quality text.

  • Receive accurate, detailed notes while saving time
  • Take notes easily during customer meetings or site visits
  • Enjoy the benefits of live professional transcription
  • Access unlimited online archives of transcribed notes

texting leader

Update multiple people quickly with the SMS group text alert service.

  • Communicate with customers and contractors all at once
  • Get a better response rate than emails
  • Send personal communication directly to customers easily


TSheets is a time tracking solution for businesses. Manage your team's time, improve productivity, collect time for payroll, and more. It's the ultimate productivity x-factor.

  • Have employees clock in and clock out easily and accurately
  • Have more control over your business
  • Personalize a highly-flexible system to work for your needs
  • Reduce payroll cost
mComet from Actsoft

mComet is a field force management solution. With mComet, you can locate your field personnel via GPS, send work orders to them, and empower them to clock-in and clock-out.

  • Reduce overtime
  • Have employees clock-in and clock-out from the job site
  • See where employees are
  • Send immediate communications