A major step
forward for MissiON.

We're taking over the Mississippi
Optical Network and delivering a big win for the state.

More Aggregate
Total Bandwidth
The Overall
Annual Cost
Students, Faculty,
and Staff Covered
Built for the future.
We're upgrading interconnects for members to dual 100Gbps links. Now up to 10x faster, MissiON will provide the infrastructure researchers need to embrace machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and the Internet of things.
Mission Infrastructure Map

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Terabit test-drive.

Together with Nokia we're testing elements that could later be developed into the nation's first terabit-speed research network. There's nothing more future-proof than being first.

More redundancy.

Along with boosting bandwidth, we're adding another Internet2 point of presence in Atlanta, GA to ensure better route diversity to the crucial nationwide collaboration platform.

Saving students and tax-payers millions.

We're lowering the cost of open Internet access up to 80% by moving commodity access onto the MissiON network, provisioned through multiple Tier 1 upstream ISPs.

A portfolio of new possibilities.

With new high-speed connectivity in place, all MissiON users now have access to the nation's first full-stack managed solution portfolio. From desktop to data center, we're ready to take on your biggest technology challenges. Whatever you need, consider IT managed.