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Internet & business phones support

Do you offer home internet services?
For multi-tenant properties, your association or property management team can visit For single-family homes, we’re currently expanding C Spire Fiber in Baldwin and Mobile counties to offer ultra-fast, ultra-reliable fiber internet. Check availability at

How do I report problems with my service?
Our support team is always on call to make sure you get the most from your services. Email us at or call us at 866-414-9090.


Why should I sign up for an online account?

  • View your account balance
  • View and download statements
  • View your payment history
  • Set up AutoPay
  • View and download CDRs
  • Create specialized reports about your call history
  • Change your billing email

What are the password requirements for my online account?
Your password to sign in will require:

  • An uppercase letter
  • A number
  • A minimum of 8 characters
  • At least one special character: !@#$%^&*()

These requirements help us to protect your confidential information and make sure your account information stays secure.

How can I view call reports?
To pull reports on your call history, you’ll need an online account. Once you’re signed in, click Reports at the top of the page to pull custom reports based on your needs. There is also a general Usage Report at the top of the page.

Reports pull 10,000 or 50,000 entries in a live view (depending on the report) and can export up to 2,000 entries into an Excel file. For your complete call history, click Downloads at the top of the page and select Call Data Records. The data files stored here are available to download and edit as needed. This lists all the information for the month of your invoice unsorted and can be adjusted to your needs.

How do I add or remove calling features or services?
To make changes to your calling features or other services, call us at 866-414-9090.


If my business is moving, how soon do I need to provide notice?
The time to move services from one location to another depends on the type of services and whether network facilities are available at the new location. To make for the best possible experience, notify us of moves at least 45 calendar days in advance of the expected move for T1s and PRIs, and at least 15 business days in advance for individual lines.

Can I forward my number to another number?
If you’re subscribed to call-forwarding, your number can automatically be forwarded for a limited time in the event of an outage. If you need to add this feature, call us at 866-414-9090 for pricing info.

Who should I call if I have billing questions?
You can email us at or call us at 866-414-9090 for billing questions.

What’s included on my first bill?
As with all carriers, we bill your local service, data, and internet charges one full month in advance. Your first bill will contain prorated monthly recurring charges for products and services starting from your installation date and ending at your bill cycle date. Installation charges may also apply and appear on your first bill.

What options are there for paying my bill?
Online: Click Sign In or Pay Bill in the main menu and follow the link. You’ll first need to Register for your online account. If you need help creating an account, call us at 866-414-9090. Once you’re signed in, you can make a payment. Online payments will be posted to your account no later than the next business day.

By mail: Return the remittance portion on the first page of your invoice along with your check. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 2063, Mobile, AL 36652. Payments made by U.S. mail will be posted to your account no later than the next business day after receipt. If you’re paying by checking account, allow up to 5 days for your payment to post.

What is the difference between an interstate and intrastate call?
An interstate call originates in one state and ends in another. An intrastate call originates and ends within the same state but between two different LATAs (Local Access and Transport Areas – geographic regions set up to differentiate local and long distance phone calls in the U.S.).

What is the difference between interlata and intralata calls?
Interlata calls are calls from one LATA (region) to another, which can be within a state or, if LATA boundaries cross state lines, from one state to another. Intralata calls are calls within the same LATA. Intralata and interlata calls may be billed at different rates.

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