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How Fast is C Spire Fiber To The Home?

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C Spire Fiber to the Home

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Demonstration is for comparison purposes only. Conditions outside of the C Spire network, including individual customer hardware, can affect performance to specific sites and services.

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Breakthrough Technology

Fiber to the Home is as revolutionary to technology today as interstates were to transportation in the 1950s.

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Internet up to 100x Faster


C Spire Fiber to the Home service will deliver Internet up to 1 Gbps (or 1,000 Mbps) – 100 times faster than any current connection technology. Say “goodbye” to buffering and waiting. Skyping with family and friends will never be easier.

*Source: State of the Internet Report – Q1 2013, Akamai Technologies.

HD Television


All HD, all the time. Our high-speed fiber optic network will bring you every channel possible in high definition. With our TV Remote app, you can control your TV from anywhere.

Home Phone


Tap in to our fiber network for the convenience of a land line with national calling and advanced features included. Voice Mail, Conference Calling, Ringmaster, Repeat Dialing and more are standard.

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