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Reporting & Analytics

An experienced team of former contact center managers advise you on choosing the best industry practices for your unique needs and our easy-to-use reporting tools make analysis a breeze.

Skill-Based Routing & Prioritization

Instantly direct incoming client calls, chats and emails to agents with the right skill set to help them.

Real-Time Dashboards

Monitor crucial call center metrics and track agent performance in real-time.

CRM Integration

Integrate with your back office CRM system or ticketing systems and route calls based on information retrieved from the CRM.

Integrated Voice Response (IVR), ACD & CTI

Powerful and flexible Interactive Voice Response (IVR), ACD, and CTI solutions provide robust routing functionality as well as integration to back-office systems for customer self-service such as online bill pay, purchasing, and much, much more.

Workforce Management

Maintain a productive workforce by predicting and optimizing scheduling, staff levels, workloads, and campaign timetables.