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Popular Questions

Is Solo still a better value if I have to buy a new phone?

Yep, for almost everybody. With most wireless companies, you can get a good phone deal – but you’ll need their most expensive plan to get it. The price of the phone is often “built into the plan price,” so you end up paying for it whether you realize it or not. 

What if I like buying my phone from my wireless carrier?

Unlike most wireless, Solo gives you the freedom to buy a phone wherever you want. No phone contracts that tie you to a carrier – or to a big monthly payment plan. Plus, you can still find tons of great phone deals online that aren’t exclusive to one wireless company.

Will I still get a good network experience at this price?

Absolutely. With Solo, you get the same premium network experience that every C Spire customer enjoys, with nationwide 5G, VoLTE, and our fastest 4G LTE ever.

Why are there no retail stores with Solo?

Better question: Why would you want to go to a store? Solo makes wireless so easy, you never need to. You can sign up, add lines, get support and everything else right in the app. So you spend less time trying to find someone to help you and more doing whatever you want.

Is Solo available to everyone, or do I have to qualify?

Unlike most wireless companies, there are no credit checks or “qualifying” with Solo. Every Mississippi resident can join, and everyone gets the same unbeatable price.

How does Solo’s price compare to other unlimited plans?

Wireless ads like to show you a low price – without making it clear that you need at least 4 lines to get it. They’ll usually have ultra-expensive first and second lines, but they only show you the “average for 4 lines” price. With Solo, every single line is just $35/mo. Whether you need one line or 10, you get the same great deal.

How is Solo different from C Spire wireless?

With Solo, everything is in the app. You can sign up, add lines, get support and everything else right from your phone. No stores or call centers. And since you can bring your phone from anywhere, no lengthy payment plans either. Plus, Solo subscriptions are one price for everyone. Just $35/mo for each line.

Can I get Solo support at a C Spire store or call center?

With Solo, you get support right from the app. No going to a store or sitting through lengthy support calls. We’ll chat with you and help take care of any potential issues faster and easier.

Why is Solo “bring your own phone” only?

The short answer is, you don’t actually need us to. That’s the old way of wireless: You get a “deal,” but you’re stuck paying off that device for sometimes up to 3 years. With Solo, you can buy your phone wherever, upgrade whenever, and skip the long payment plans or phone contracts.

Can I use my C Spire device with Solo?

Since Solo doesn’t have phone payment plans, you’ll need to pay off any devices on your account first and make sure your contract has ended. From there, if you want to go Solo, you can cancel your C Spire service and sign up on the Solo app.

Can I keep my phone number when I switch to Solo?

Absolutely. Bringing your phone number to Solo is easy, whether you’re switching from another wireless carrier or keeping a number you have with C Spire. You’ll have the option to bring your number when you sign up for Solo.

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