Family plans. More like family traps. Someone's always under contract, and the price for one line somewhere else — ouch. Here's the Real Deal Just $45/mo for each line.

make the escape

Need more data or more lines?
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per line/1 lines$45 + taxes and fees.

  • 10GB 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • DVD-quality streaming
  • Simultaneous Voice & Data on select devices

talk & Text
No Overages
ditch the data waste.
Get plenty of high-speed data with 10GB per month. Plus, it's easy to add Data Passes if you need more, like when your selfie just can't wait for WiFi.
no bull.
that's the real deal.
Straight shooting, matter of fact, however you want to say it. At C Spire, we say it how it is.
Get the hands-down best deal for 1 or 2 lines.
you don't need 4 phones
so don't fall for "deals" that require four lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is C Spire offering the Real Deal Plan?

We don't know about you, but we're pretty fed up with the way some companies' wireless deals work. Most of the time, when you see a great price on a wireless plan, you'd actually need four lines to get that deal.
With the Real Deal Plan, it's $45 plus taxes and fees for each line. Unlimited talk and text with 10GB of data. No gimmicky multi-line deals. No bull. Just the best plan for one or two lines.

Do I need to set up AutoPay and paperless billing to get the best price?

The Real Deal Plan is $45/mo, including a $5 discount each month for setting up AutoPay and paperless billing. Without AutoPay or paperless billing, it's $50/mo. After you purchase the Real Deal Plan, be sure set up both to help you save. Read our support article to learn how.

Are taxes included with the Real Deal Plan?

No, the Real Deal Plan is $45/mo with AutoPay and paperless billing, but taxes vary based on your local and state government. We'll be able to calculate the amount for you during checkout once you enter your address.

What if I need more lines or Unlimited data?

We make it easy to find the perfect plan for you, whether you need three or four lines or just want all the data you can get your hands on. Check out our Simple Unlimited and More Unlimited plans to see which is the best fit.

Go ahead. Nothing to hide.

*Promotional price includes $5/mo credit with AutoPay and paperless billing.
Postpaid plan available for phones only. Tethering/mobile hotspot usage not included. Phones under POC are not eligible to receive this plan. To keep plan, upgrades must be purchased on DPP or at full retail price. Network Management: Service and/or service plans may be changed, slowed, suspended, terminated, and/or restricted based upon usage, location, roaming, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or for any reason in C Spire's sole discretion. Data usage and service quality varies by device, apps, available network speeds, roaming, file sizes and/or as a result of update settings. For full terms governing service see Other restrictions, fees, and taxes may apply.

Competitor pricing comparisons of the C Spire Real Deal $45 10GB plan based on pricing data for comparable postpaid wireless plans as follows: AT&T 9GB Mobile Share Plus pricing $60 for one line after autopay and paperless billing discount, plus taxes and fees as listed on Verizon 8GB shared data plan $70 for one line plus $20/mo. line access charge per phone, plus taxes and fees as listed on Pricing current as of 6/18/20. ©Copyright C Spire 2020.