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Blast Motion Athletic Performance
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Smart Video Capture allows you to analyze, compare and share your movements with Blast Athletic Performance. The easy to use app not only records as you move, but allows you to share your highlights instantly with friends.




Blast Motion Athletic Performance
Smart Video Capture allows you to quantify, analyze, compare and share performance metrics with Blast Athletic Performance. The Blast Precision Motion Sensor attaches to your waistband and uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet. Highly accurate metrics sync with shareable video clips of your moves in real time, before storing into your personal history. Capture video and track movements instantly, even store movement data when the sensor is out of range. Easily share your highlights with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail with just one touch. Blast's highly accurate Precision Motion Sensor gives you the understanding of your body mechanics needed to become a better athlete.

  • Precision Motion Sensor easily and securely attaches to the waistband of your clothing.
  • Connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod via Low Energy Bluetooth.
  • Smart Video Capture tracks metrics while you move. Video is saved into your personal history as shareable clips synced with movement data.
  • Detect key events and identify trends by viewing movement history.
  • Capture performance metrics and detect key events like acceleration, rotation and jump height.
  • Tracks and stores moves when the sensor is out of range.
  • Instantly share your stats via Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail without leaving the Blast App.