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About SNAP Services

C Spire SNAP services deliver fiberoptic based Internet, HD Television and home phone service to several locations in Mississippi. This service basic Internet speeds of 10Mbps, 25Mbps and 50Mbps which are ideal for typical home usage.

C Spire SNAP markets include:

  • Crystal Springs, MS
  • Flora, MS
  • Lost Rabbit, Madison, MS
  • Livingston, Madison, MS
  • St. Catherine's Village, Madison, MS

Customers in these markets benefit from the ultra-dependable Internet delivered via the most advanced fiberoptic technologies. And customers love how we bury your fiberoptic connection, meaning few if any interruptions due to inclement weather.

Explore our range of service offerings below:

Internet IconINTERNET

C Spire SNAP Internet service features multiple speed choices.

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With C Spire SNAP Phone service, get premium local and long distance services AND keep your current telephone number.

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C Spire SNAP Television provides you with the latest easy-to-use technology to make your entertainment better and more dependable than ever.

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