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To use your phone outside of the continental United States, you must first request access. Please contact Customer Care to request international roaming access before leaving the country.

Contact Customer Care

There are several ways to contact us:

  • Email
  • Call 611 from your C Spire phone
  • Text a message to 611 or use the Text CS icon on your smartphone


  •  Requesting International Access

    To use your phone outside of the continental United States, you must first request access by contacting Customer Care. It is important to contact Customer Care before you travel to ensure that your wireless number is authorized for use outside of the U.S. (Access is also required for travel to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada.)

    To use a world-capable phone internationally, you will need to add the International Roaming Feature ($20 activation / $5 monthly fee) and purchase an international SIM card.

  •  International Roaming Feature

    Before you can use a C Spire world-capable phone internationally, the International Roaming feature must be added to your account. There is a $20 activation fee and a $5 monthly fee.

    The International Roaming feature can be cancelled at any time but the activation fee applies each time the feature is added to your account.

  •  International SIM Card

    World-capable phones require a SIM card to roam internationally. SIM cards can be purchased online, by calling 1-855-9CSPIRE (927-7473) or in a retail location.

    Proper installation and activation of a SIM card is crucial to being able to use your phone internationally.

  •  International Loaner Phone Program

    If you don’t have a world-capable phone, we can provide you with one for use outside of the continental United States for up to one month.

    The following criteria must be met in order to participate in the International Loaner Phone program:

    • You must be a postpaid customer in good standing for at least one year.
    • The loaner phone must be requested by the account holder.
    • You must purchase a SIM card to use in the loaner phone.
    • All lines associated with the account holder’s Social Security number must be current. Past-due balances must be paid before being able to participate.
    • You must complete the International Loaner Phone agreement. View a sample of the agreement.

    Please visit a retail location to request an international loaner phone or for more information.

  •  Checking Voice Mail

    While in an international location, dial the plus key (+), the US country code (1) and your 10-digit wireless number.

    Press the star key (*) as soon as you hear your outgoing message. Roaming charges (if applicable) apply when checking your voice mail while outside of the US.

    Press and hold the zero key (0) to dial the plus key (+).

  •  Data Usage

    Data usage (where available) is billed at $5 per megabyte (MB).

    How big is a megabyte?

    • One typically sized photo
    • One minute of near CD-quality MP3 compressed music
    • Approximately 100 pages of single-spaced 12-point text in MS Word
    • 67 email messages at 15KB each