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C Spire Business Solutions offers a complete suite of circuit and Internet connections, including 100% fiber bandwidth.
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C Spire Business Solutions offers multiple access methods, including 100% fiber-based Internet access, meaning you get optimal speed and reliability. At best, most providers can only offer a fiber copper combination.


C Spire E-Learning is a hosted and managed classroom internet solution. It provides campuses with distributed Wi-Fi service driven by fiber-based, dedicated internet access. Your school will lead to revolution to the digital classroom of future.

Key Differentiators

  • Hosted and managed by Cspire
  • Relieves your IT staff
  • State-of-the-art equipment owned and updated by C Spire
  • Affordable with no upfront costs
  • Premium feature custom-fit for your campus
  • Fixed-rate dedicated connection for fastest speed and reliability
  • Boost learning with access to media-rich online learning materials

Contact us for details

Dennis Graham (601.503.7779) will help design a custom solution for your student environment.


  • Fixed-rate dedicated Internet access.
  • Speeds from 1.5Mb to 1Gb.
  • Highly redundant Internet core gives optimal reliability

With C Spire, you get the best possible speeds and pricing for your business. Have any issues or questions? Get same-day, onsite support, too.

"This will be one of the most advanced data centers in the U.S. ... businesses from all over the world are going to be relying on data services provided through C Spire's facilities."
-Parker Wiseman, Mayor, City of Starkville

"Mississippi State University has a long history of working with business and industry and we especially appreciate working with Mississippi home-grown companies like C Spire to ... expand and offer these next-generation data and cloud services."
-Dr. Mark Keenum, President, Mississippi State University

"This data center is a triumph in the name of progress."
-Parker Wiseman, Mayor, City of Starkville

"Add(s) a world-class data center to the arsenal of tools that we use to recruit new business and encourage existing companies to expand in Mississippi."
-Brent Christensen, Executive Director, Mississippi Development Authority

C Spire Careers
We believe your career should be much more than a job. If you like the idea of making a difference at an exciting and supportive place to work, we invite you to explore the many rewarding career possibilities C Spire offers.
Teams have been hard at work ensuring the network meets the highest standards for reliability and speed, and that means you will enjoy a best-in-class 4G LTE+ personalized wireless experience.