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We know that it's hard to tell how much data you use on your devices. This calculator will break it down for you
so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

About how much data do you use weekly?

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Things you do Weekly Usage Monthly Usage
email Read or send
text-only email
(the average email is about 20KB)

0 emails

0 MB
0 KB
Visit a website Visit a website (the average webpage is about 250KB)

0 page visits

emaSend or post a photo Send or post a photo (the average photo is about 5MB)

0 photos

Download a song or app Download a song, app, or game (1 download is about 4MB)

0 songs or apps

Watch a video Watch a video (1 hour is about 700MB)

0 hours

Watch a video Watch a HD video (1 hour is about 2500MB)

0 hours

Stream music on Pandora or others Stream music on
Pandora or others
(1 hour is about 60MB)

0 hours

Play an online game Play an online game (1 hour is about 12MB)

0 hours

Get turn-by-turn directions Get turn-by-turn directions (1 hour is about 5MB)

0 hours

Download a game Download a game like
Bejeweled or Tetris
(the average game is about 3MB )

0 games

Download a ringtone Download a ringtone (the average ringtone is about 200KB )

0 ringtones

The data amounts for the activities provided are just estimations and the calculation of potential monthly (four week) data usage is just an approximation. The calculation is based on information you provide and is not to be interpreted as a guarantee of service or pricing. Final monthly billed data costs are based on your actual usage. The intent of the data calculator is to help you determine your monthly data usage so you will be able to choose the data plan or service that will best meet your needs.

There are no overage charges when you purchase a data pass. The pass expires after the included data has been used or after a specified period of time, whichever comes first.

There are no overage charges when you subscribe to a SHARED Data+ Plan. If you use the data included in your plan, the Authorized Data Manager for your account will receive a text message with instructions on how to purchase additional data.

The 1GB Data Plan is only available with a MiFi. Overage incurred on the 1GB plan will be billed at $19.99/gigabyte over the included 1GB. The 3GB and 5GB Data Plans are available with a MiFi, data card or hotspot. Overage incurred on the 3GB and 5GB plans will be billed at $9.99/gigabyte over the included 3GB or 5GB.
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