Home Phone Replacement (Prepaid)

per 30 days
$0.00 Activation Fee

Replace your home phone company with C Spire Wireless access on all of your home phones.

Purchase the Axesstel TX240G to use this service. It plugs into your phone jack and converts your home landline access to the C Spire Personalized Network.

Enjoy unlimited Talk and domestic long distance on all of your home phones.

This plan does not support alarm systems, fax machines or dial-up modems.

  • Unlimited Home Talk

    Unlimited home phone voice minutes
  • Long Distance

    Unlimited nationwide long distance minutes

Plan Basics and Included Features

  • Talk

    Talk all you want on your home phones. It's unlimited.

  • Long Distance

    Call nationwide from your home phones with unlimited domestic long distance.

  • Conference Calling Add a third party to a two-way call.
  • Call Forwarding Forward your calls to another number.
  • Call Waiting Answer a second call.
  • Caller ID See who's calling before you answer.


  • Public Safety Data Priority (Prepaid)
    This feature prioritizes LTE data connections and delivers enhanced LTE quality of service. It should be added only for those users who are first responders in the areas of law enforcement, fire protection, or emergency services and are on prepaid plans. Please subscribe carefully to ensure the personnel most in need have vital priority access.
  • Voicemail (Prepaid)
    Add it to your cart before checking out.


Network Management: Service and/or service plans may be changed, slowed, suspended, terminated, and/or restricted based upon usage, location, roaming, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or for any reason in C Spire's sole discretion. Data usage and service quality varies by device, apps, available network speeds, roaming, file sizes and/or as a result of update settings. For full terms governing service see cspire.com/customerserviceagreement. Other restrictions, fees, and taxes may apply. Copyright C Spire 2018.

A credit check is not required in order to subscribe for Prepaid customers. As a Prepaid customer you can have a maximum of ten (10) Prepaid subscriptions. The number of subscriptions may be limited and/or subject to change in C Spire's sole discretion. You must be 18 years of age to activate Service in FL, MS, and TN, and 19 to activate Service in AL.

A Prepaid plan's monthly service fee includes applicable federal, state, and local taxes and other assessments that C Spire is required by law to collect and remit to the applicable government authority. All Prepaid plans include: free basic voice mail (available upon request), call waiting, call forwarding and caller ID. Extra charges can result from directory assistance calls ($1.60/min.), and nationwide and international calling (prices vary by country). If you wish to be able to make international calls you must contact C Spire.

Prepaid monthly plans are a monthly prepaid service which provides you with thirty (30) days of Service from the date of activation. If you use additional services (i.e., directory assistance, download fees, etc.) beyond those included in the Plan, those fees will be deducted from your account balance. You agree to pay for the services you use/purchase by deductions from your prepaid account. If you fail to pay the monthly service fee or at any time the balance in your account reaches zero, your account will be deactivated and you will not receive further service until you pay the monthly service fee and any other charges for additional services.

If you do not pay for the monthly service fee or your account maintains a zero or negative balance for a period of sixty (60) consecutive days, your prepaid account may be closed. If your prepaid account is closed, you may reinstate your service by activating a new account. You will be assigned a new number at this time and a reactivation fee may apply.

There is a $15.00 minimum replenishment amount on Prepaid accounts. Cash replenishment can be conducted using In-Store payment kiosks with a $5 service fee. Accepted credit or debit cards will be accepted on via C Spire's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone system and online at cspire.com via My Account (MMA). Cash is accepted at Western Union locations. Payments are not accepted at C Spire retail location sales counters or drop boxes.

All charges for Prepaid service are final and non-refundable. C Spire is not responsible for, nor will C Spire refund lost, stolen, misused, or damaged personal identification numbers ("PINs"), regardless of distribution method.

You must use your Prepaid account balance before the expiration date. Prepaid service and/or charges for Prepaid Service are not refundable, and no refunds or other compensation will be given for unused Prepaid balances, lost or stolen prepaid cards, or coupons.

If you register for Auto Refill you are agreeing to have the Auto Refill amount you have selected deducted from your credit card or debit card once per month on the date you specified. The minimum Auto Refill amount must be equal or greater than selected rate plan's monthly charge. If your credit or debit card company declines the Auto Refill amount, then your Prepaid service may be suspended.

Security: C Spire does not guarantee data security. Data encryption may be available with some, but not all, Services furnished by C Spire. C Spire assumes no responsibility for confidential or proprietary information accessed through the Service and/or with Wireless Device. It is solely CUSTOMER'S responsibility to ensure use of the Service and Wireless Device complies with applicable IT or security procedures established by CUSTOMER or CUSTOMER'S employer.

Caller ID requires the landline device to have a Caller ID display. Calls terminating outside of the United States, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands will incur international long distance charges. Calls to Canada or any area that is part of the North American Numbering Plan (10-digit dialing) can be dialed directly and placed without requesting access. Calls to Canada will also incur international charges. Calls to all other international locations will be blocked at activation unless access is requested by calling 1-855-CSPIRE5 (277-4735) or 611 from your C Spire phone. Learn more about international calling.

Miscellaneous: Not all plans or Services are available for purchase or use in all sales channels, in all areas or with all devices. C Spire is not responsible for loss or disclosure of any sensitive information user transmits.  

Unused minutes do not roll over to the next month. Airtime is billed in one-minute increments with partial minutes rounded up to the next full minute from the time the call is placed until the call is terminated in our system. All pricing listed for calling plans and service enhancements are monthly fees unless otherwise noted and are promotional prices that are subject to change. Monthly access charges are not refundable. A Plan Activation Fee and Early Termination Fee may apply. New activation and promotional offer contract may be required for promotional equipment pricing. All offers for a limited time in limited area only. Certain restrictions, taxes and/or fees apply. See Tariff, Customer Service Agreement and User Guide for complete details of terms and conditions. Actual wireless coverage may vary due to atmospheric conditions, customer equipment or system limitations.

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